M*CARBO Brotherhood

June 2021 Sharpshooters Match Rules and Target

Greetings and welcome ladies & gentlemen to our June Match. We’ve revised the rules so please read them. The Digital Division will be permanent and is included in the revised rules.

Rules: MCarbo Sharpshooters Rules & Guidelines Rev 5 2021

Target for all divisions: June 2021 target

As always, good luck and good shooting.


Looks pretty much like the old rules, so no surprises. It doesn’t mention the digital division - are we calling it HGD?


Of note, no changes or modifications to the targets are allowed. If a score isn’t posted in the “Mail in Match” category, it will not be scored. The bonus for irons in the rifle divisions is now part of the rules.

I’ll look into the digital division omission, but yes it will be HG D.


Well I was bored in the back yard. BB’s do not fly all that well. Some of them had a little rust on them. lol. Well they were really dark and not all shiny anyway.

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Will it be a new reg and target posted for July?


Yes, I typically post on the 1st of each month.