M*CARBO Brotherhood

July's Division HG2 10yd Centerfire Handgun

Post 'em up here ladies and gentlemen!


Posting where I was directed - I don’t think this is a handgun. It is an AR Pistol and I used the 3x magnifier. To my credit, I gave the competition a 40 yard advantage by shooting at 50 yards.

Score 48
9.25" Barrel, 9mm AR Pistol
Holosun 510c with Eotech G33 3x magnifier
147gr Speer Gold Dot G2s (shot accidentally and discovered the POA and POI were very close - accidents like this happen when you download mags into a Blazer Brass Box then pick that box up on way to range without checking what’s inside).


Well… Its good to know how your precious GDHP work… looks like they work very well for you.

I have been working up load development on the GDHP projos I acquired a couple boxes at a time, over the past couple years, I want to get a complete profile with the chrony, and POA/POI data on both my hand guns and my PCC with them, vs the Range ammo I am loading up to match those. I am hoping I can get it done in 200 or less as well as proficiency with them. I also have couple boxes of factory for reference.

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