July 2022 A2 Targets

So a little story with this target.

I shoot Rimfire Precision competitions (it’s a bit like NRL 22), and we have some pretty amazing sponsors. A couple of weeks ago I won MagnetoSpeed v3 (random draw, not as a result of my shooting), and I used it today with a new ammo. Fed the results to Strelok Pro (love this app), calculated the scope dial for 206 yards and shot. I guess if I zeroed the rifle for the new ammo results could be better, but it was busy day, so whatever.

There was a bit of changing wind, so it’s not a stellar target, but I’m pretty happy considering all the circumstances.

Prone, bipod, 33 points.


Suprisingly, I was able to get all 5 on at 200, but not at 100. Have to figure out my holds better.


I did some stuff to my Savage Mark II in hopes of improving my groups at 100 yds. I think they got a bit better so I took a whack at 200 yds. Shot some to see what kinda hold I would need. I just held on the 21 mob subtension and got the below. I am hoping the upper impact is 2 touching but maybe not. One round seems off the target completely. A learning experience, I think - lol.