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July 2021 Match Target and Rules

July 2021 Match Target and Rules

Links for the revised rules and this months target are in this post.

There are a couple things I think need clarification so here goes.

“Shoot as many divisions or targets you want, but only submit 1 per division.” We have no separate Divisions for scope or iron sights. Shoot either/or but do not submit both in the monthly divisional Target post. Iron sighted rifles are given a bonus to be fair against scoped rifles. Bonus points are for the rifle divisions only.

“Are red dot, non-magnified sights considered irons?” Yes, any rifle so equipped will qualify for the bonus. The Board of Advisors voted 3 to 1 to allow red dots to qualify for the bonus. Can you guess the dissenting vote?

“What are iron sights?” Irons are: buckhorn, peep, V notch, fixed or adjustable, any combination of these mechanical, two piece (front/rear) non-magnified sighting systems. Note the above statement regarding red dot sights.

“What is the bonus points for iron sights?” Rather than have this included in the rules, this bonus system may change monthly and will be posted in each monthly announcement.

“Where do I post my target?” Typically the topic will have been started, however if it hasn’t by all means feel free to ask and I’ll start the correct topic and include a link for you.

“What is the deadline for submission?” Midnight, the last Sunday of the month.
No late entries will be accepted, no exception.

If you have any questions please fee free to ask.

This month is our Iron sight Challenge. Double bonus points for shooters using irons this month. You may also shoot with a scope, but no bonus points. So, the 25 and 50yd Rifle Divisions will receive 4 bonus points while the 100yd Rifle Divisions will receive 8 bonus points. This is for July only!

Our revised rules are here: Sharpshooter Series Rules. Rev, 7/21

No change to the target and you can download it here: July Match Target

As always, good luck and good shooting.


Good luck and happy shooting to all!