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@johnksg Rules For A Good Life!

Just a few meandering thoughts I would like to pass on, feel free to modify or criticize to your heart’s content!

  1. Be a Lion and not a lamb! Lions can be peaceful when the option suits them…lambs are pretty much locked into a single choice!

  2. To be a better shooter you must find the time to shoot! Always push the envelope be it distance or speed, mix it up. Complacency is the enemy of greater skill sets.

  3. Fat women are great in bed…but an ugly or mean woman is a life of regret!

  4. Nothing is more important than family…have one!

  5. Find a wife who shoots as much as you do…it will alleviate so many problems!

  6. Learn how to fix things yourself. You may not do it perfect, but it is your work and you will take pride in it.

  7. Take pride in you work! If your NOT proud of it then do it again until you are!

  8. Talk less…listen more. Folks jibber jabber and toss about words, be they guy than when you speak people listen!

  9. Love your children but let them fall down and make mistakes! Don’t be the guy who tries to solve all of your kid’s problems…be the guy who comes running with the first aid kit to patch 'em afterwards.

  10. Be a stubborn, onery old cuss! Have a firm moral center that you believe in, set a goal and trudge your way to achievement of that goal. These days everything is right now, this moment, take the long view!

  11. Be nice to dogs! A man who kicks a dog is not much of a man and hardly worth slapping around!

  12. The height of your bed should be exactly three inches higher than your wife’s knees…trust me you will thank me later!

  13. Be good to kids! Help a child, seek out the rough ones and be a positive influence on their lives.

  14. Talk to your kids about the hard stuff…Do you believe in heaven? What is it like to kill a man? How were things when you were a kid? These are tough questions but those little ones need to know! And if you don’t tell them then they will learn from the crap on TV.

  15. Do things for others, not just yourself! Be the guy who is part of a community, sing your kid to sleep and check for monsters under the bed. Wash some damned dishes or push the vacuum around for your wife.

Those are my rules and advice for a good and happy life brothers.

Now let the discussion begin!


Ok … had to save #3 for laterer. Number 12 was a surprise and it’s my newest calculus problem since the pretty one is clear 'cross town preventing experimentation.

Note: ok … got it figured. And, thanks in advance. Yes, I’m thanking you 'cause I’m looking forward to experiment’n till I figure out why 3" is the magic ratio. Gonna need lots and lots of trials to prove your theory. So, fun through data collection?


@Dred Words of wisdom my dad gave me when I built my first bed…paid off big time and I am sure you will figure it out!:grin::+1:


I would add that fear is a basic part of life…and nothing to be ashamed of as long as you push through it, drive hard, fail, pick yourself up and dust yourself off, and try again!:grin::+1:


@Johnksg: And remember the No 1 rule for survival… Always tell a woman she looks nice…especially when she doesn’t!! :joy:


@russ Damn right brother! And don’t be shy with the “I love you’s, please, and thank you” while your at it!

I knew you guys would have some great input!

When my time comes I hope my son learns the little things that are important.:+1:


Well, he will if you teach him! Proverbs 22:6 says it best. You seem to have the right idea about teaching your son. Right now you are the most important person in the world to the boy even though he won’t realize that until later. Your job is to grunt (pun intended) through all the bad times and give him the best start you can. Hooyah and Semper Fi, brother!! :clap:


@russ Thank you brother!

But just in case I don’t then maybe someday he will stumble across this site and you guys will have some words of wisdom for him?

A father’s main job is to teach, guide, and lead his family.


Absolutely!! But I will pray for many more birthdays for you. :pray:


@russ I am planning on it!

But God laughs at the plans of man.

Lost 2 men out of a 4 man team to this and I am number 3.

But that said…daddy kills monsters and checks under the bed for the boogie man! And if it is my time I will be amongst good company and old friends. I have a feeling we may have a thing or two to say as Marines if that old devil gets too rambunctious!:+1:



I believe that your thread should read, 'The Tao of John: Rules For A God(ly) Life… (Zenguistics) For A Better Tomorrow! **I had thought that the play on words would be an attention grabber of some sort sir? Big smile!


@lonewolf good play of and on words. Their closer than you think, John (and I) are more attuned to Sun Tzu’s Art of War. :grin:


@russ if by that you mean don’t play fair and hit the enemy where they are weakest with speed and aggression…yeah I am down with that!

I am to old to mix it up and maybe get hurt…old guys are dangerous!

Or simply said…(USMC style) “kick em in the nut-sack!”


Good stuff there, thanks for posting


when my youngest was 7, my oldest at the time was 26, and had come home for a couple of weeks.(Lives and works in London, inherited my wandering feet) at the time my youngest was having problems with the dark. now, ya might not have noticed, but im a tad rough around the edges, and tend to be a lil abrupt, my answer to boo boo’s was one of three, suck it up, rub a lil dirt on it, or walk it off.
my oldest told her a story. how when she was lil, she was afraid of the boogie man too.
she told the youngest , that Pap had just came home, and the boogie man started moving around under her bed, she could hear him.
she told her that the first night , Pap couldnt find him, but the second night, oldest told her, that , when she heard him again and screamed, Pap dove in the room, wrastled something out from under the bed, drug it kicking and grunting outside, and shot it 7 times with a pistol.
Then Pap came back in, told me to got to sleep, that boogie man wouldnt bother her no more, and went back to bed.
The Boogie man that replaced Him? (she told the youngest) wont ever come back to this house. he’s afraid He will find Pap waiting for him under the bed. night terrors stopped completely afer that…

( I had just got in from deployment/TAD, so i was still a lil twisted up, first night back, I woke up to screams from the oldest girls room, and i rolled out if full rev. nothing. not a damn thing. looked under everything. shut the lights off , hour it started again. so I devised a plan, the next mornin I stuffed a worn out ratty scruffy and frayed wool sleeping bag i had under her bed)

#1 keep your wits about you, even when every thing goes down twisted.
#2 even when your worn out,feel bad, rode hard and put up wet, keep your sense of humor.
they is always someone having a worse day somewhere…


@GOBLIN Good story brother! Dad ALWAYS has to be the hero! And keep on laughing…no different than in the day. We laughed at all sorts of gruesome horrible stuff, just because we still could!:grin:



Thank you, sir. I had done many years of martial arts training. I received my shodan black belt in Tae Kwon Do back in 1984. We ran (2) academies and my father and I were the 3rd Generation of Gichen Funakashi (founding father of 'Karate-do.) Sun Tu Se (Grandmaster of Tae Kwon Do) brought the discipline to the states in 1948. I know that I am ‘off track’ from our original conversation, but the topic really excites me at times! Lol What I am trying to convey is the fact that I had studied quite a bit on Shaolin Szu Philosophies… Thank you so much for recognizing and bringing up the ‘past!’ I need to be reminded at times…


I learned long ago to gently tiptoe thru that minefield of the age of the female of the species, at 40, you automatically divide by 2 and add 1, every year, when they hit sixty, you do it yet again… and you never, ever, ever tell someone, in her hearing range, (and they can here a coin hit the sidewalk and tell you heads or tails at 900 meters) “she feeds me like a greek god she does, everything is a burnt offering”
could explain why i got 2 ex’s :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


@GOBLIN lol…yeah, age is an issue to be avoided with the more mature females of the species!

Here is another one I live by…never spend all of your money!


LOLOL I got a 17yr old Girl going off to college in a year. What Money???