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Jericho steel frame mod with CZ75 springs

So I contacted M*CARBO about a spring kit for my Jericho FS941.
They replied with the CZ75 Spring Kit. I watched the videos a few
times for the CZ75, decided to purchase.
The said it was back ordered about 6 weeks, no problem.
I received the kit in a timely manor. Watched the videos again.

I knew the Jericho was a bit different, and dug in.

Slide firing pin release was different, ok.
New firing pin spring was too short, left the original in, ok.
The two trigger springs were replaced just like the video, ok.
Replaced the hammer spring, looked a bit longer, but fit, ok.
Reassembled, tested the safety, all checked out, ok.
Stormy weather prevented range time, test fired a primed case, ok.

The double action trigger originally was very smooth, a bit heavy.
The double action trigger now is still smooth, reduced about by a
half, Great improvement!
The single action trigger originally, crisp but a bit heavy.
The single action trigger now is crisp, andreduced by about a half.

I finally ran a few boxes through, Iā€™m impressed by the ease of
replacement of the springs. Videos were a big help.
I did not use all the springs provided, but the ones that I did, made
a huge difference.



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