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January's Division D targets

Open division 50yd shooters post those targets here.

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Division D
Marlin 336 .30-30
Hornady 150gr JSP American Whitetail
Sitting, sandbags
Score, 43 points



Shot today.
Radical based 7.62x39 AR (I believe this should be shooting against the 556/223 battle rifles and I recognize this puts 7.62 at a disadvantage.
Monarch Steel case.
3x magnifier in front of red dot
forend supported on wooden block

Yes, there are 5 shots in 3 holes. No, I did not take my spotting scope. Closest to nose - one shot, one hole; next closest - 2 shots, one hole; 9 ring - 2 shots, one hole. I will not cry if forensics aren’t clear enough on the big 10 ring hole. Flip’n thing dumped all 5 empties in a 8"x8" pile bout 12 feet off the bench.


I can see the 5. Nice shootin !

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