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January's Division A targets

Rifle Rimfire 50yd targets, post 'em up here.

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I took a knee at 50 yards and here is my best out of three targets.
Due to COVID lockdown, had to print out grey scale targets so I added the orange highlighter to the 10/10+1. Worked out OK.
Got lucky with the weather, but arrived a bit late in the day, but still fun stuff.


You’ll have to “bear” with me on this month’s target. I’m pretty sure I shot a 50, but I’m including a second pic with a 1" pasty that covers my group for clarity.


Division A
Remington 513-T
OEM Peep sights
CCI Blazer 40gr LRN
Score 48 + 2
Cold, damp, windy


Marlin 880sq tossing Fiocci Subs
Huble style

So, I could not see the dull yellow tongue. Yes, that is new ink so time to get technical. Put in the ink and sent the job.


What brand/type of .22 lr does you Ruger prefer?

Hi Bob,

First of all, I’m cheap, so I don’t shoot that match ammo. Second, we’re in the middle of an ammo shortage, and there’s not much available. That said, my Ruger Precision Rimfire prefers Aguila standard velocity. Yep,sounds weird, but that’s given me my best groups so far. About a month ago, I was having an especially good day, and I shot a group of 3 at 100 that could be covered by a dime. That rifle will shoot better than this old man can.

I’m thinking that once ammo becomes more available, I’m going to start weighing each round and putting them in weight groups. Those that are too far out of categories go into a plinking can.

Thanks for the quick reply. Even though I have had my Ruger for a couple of years, I still haven’t broken it in properly or even settled on ammo. The only range available with a 50/100 yard bay, went out of business two months after I bought it. Lawsuit. I found another range now, and I am ready to start again.
I favor standard velocity for target shooting, and have found that the Aguila performs well in my pistols. Unfortunately is selling for $19.95 a box when I can find it. I found Eley Target cheaper! Anyway, thanks again for the info. Maybe I can get my act together for the Feb match.
Good Shooting!