January 2023 Match Announcment

January 2023 Match Announcment

Greetings and Happy New Year shooters! :giddy_guns: :us:

Welcome back to another year of our Sharpshooter series. Also, a warm welcome and invitation to those that will join in. Remember, this is open to all forum members, their wife/GF/BF/children and grandchildren. The goal should be to improve your marksmanship. You can take pride in watching your score continue to improve as you focus on the fundamentals over the year.

We’ll continue to shoot 5 rounds for score. Iron sight bonus remains in effect.

M*Carbo Sharpshooter Series Rules

X Ring Target

Standard Target

Progressive Target

Poker Target

The “Poker” Target.
Here’s how this will work. Note there’s an Ace in each corner designating a suit, clockwise from upper left we have Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades. A shot in any Ace will then define what suit you’re shooting. This is important if you’re shooting for a Royal Flush. No other cards show a suit. Scoring for this target will be as follows:

Royal Flush = 55 points
Straight Flush = 54 points
Four of a kind = 53 points
Full House = 52 points
Flush = 51 points
Straight = 50 points
Three of a Kind = 49 points
two pair = 48 points
One pair = 47 points
High card = 45 points

Good luck and good shooting!


Yall mother lovers are goin down this match season. :sunglasses: And i say that with the upmost respect and love. Good shooting to everyone. :+1: