I've Got My Gun In The Oven


Bought some Brownell’s Gun-Kote for this job. It’s a little darker than I wanted, I think. It seems to be lightening up as it sets. Anyways, I got everything apart (doing the All-in-one trigger job) and baked the parts to be painted for about 30 minutes at 100 degrees, so they be warm when applying the paint. Arranged them on a cookie sheet and sprayed on the paint. They are now in the oven, set at 210 degrees, for the next 2 hours. Sure hope nothing melts.

Polymer is supposed to be good to 350 degrees, but I don’t trust that. What I found on the web suggests doing 2 hours at 200 degrees instead of 1 hour at 325, as directed by the can.

So I’ll hope for the best and post pictures of the end result, good or bad.



After all my research and preparation for my first 10/22 Custom build, I had mentally prepared myself for the challenges ahead. I had known that patience would be the key to success. I would not attempt any work unless I was willing to follow all of my ‘‘preparation rules.’’ Once I had obtained all of my parts (financial challenges,) it took me 3 months to build and run 20 shots consecutively without a FTF incident. When drilling out the receiver, my drill press (XMAS gift) had a poorly set-up chuck that inadvertantly ‘walked’ while drilling out my barrel bore (of all holes.) The fixture spun against an aluminum rule that positioned to keep the fixture perpindicular for a perfectly aligned bore. No barrel droop occured but received deep scratches in the fixture that had to be sanded. I must have gone through 6 different grits! Then due to the ‘mismatched’ components and insisting on Volquertsen firing components, I had FTF problems. I started out with a blue anondized receiver. I ended up painting it light textured flat black. Because of the paint ‘layering,’ I used a gradual progression of oven settings (starting at 175 degrees for 2 hours) and ending at (300 degrees for 2 hours.) My middle oven temperature being 225 degrees. The hardening process seemed to be perfect. If only I had the camera to support my statement. I would love to show my brothers the actual texture and strength of the paint!!! The paint can was purchased at Home Depot for under $6 and I bought one of those spray can attachments so that I can ‘smoothly’ apply the coats for $8 (wonderful addition to my painting supplies!)


Post how it lasts, as far as wear and tear, I tried some of that spray on , from wheeler,
Cerama-cote, after blasting a test knife blade, (steel, D-2) cured as per instructions, just inserting in the sheath and removing made chips start flying. wasnt pleased at 28$ a can.

had some leftover COM-Paint RE-Military green left over from touch up on a ROYAL -ENFIELD motorcycle, thought what the hell, shot it on a Aimpoint Comp M2 I reconditioned/repaired, drug it threw the weeds, bounced around on a rifle, fired off a heap of rounds, not a mar, chip ,ding or scratch on it. Go figure.


After 2 hours in the oven it was still tacky. Very glossy. It’s supposed to be matte gray. Let it set at room temp on a cookie sheet a few more hours. Not tacky, so I start inspecting the pieces. Ended up with finger prints and a scratch from a finger nail. Not impressed at all. I went ahead and finished the MCarbo install and put it all back together. I’ll let it set on a shelf for a few days and see how it turns out. I’ll post pics in a day or two. I wanted to do the 2 slides for my Sig and the frame on my G2c to match. Probably not gonna happen now. I have all MCarbo upgrades installed now, at least all that went well.


Yikes!! :scream: You are a braver soul than I. Hope everything comes OUT OK!! :grinning:


LoL. The polymer held up quite well. The paint job, not so much.


@ValorSolo So please tell us the rest’ did it not Bond Well ,Wrinkles/Tiny Bubbles?
So do you have to start from Scatch and take it all down again?


I had to come to Tennessee for a couple weeks for work. I’m letting it “cure” while I’m away.
I’ll post pics when I get back. But I’ll likely be starting over after I research a little more.


Uh Oh. What happened?

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Here’s my Sub, after 2 weeks, still tacky feeling. Basically a complete failure.
Doesn’t look terrible in the picture and I do like the color, it’s just not a quality finish.
It is not durable at all. I can scratch it off with a finger nail or rub it off with my finger.
I’m not ready to give up just yet. I’ll try again, experiment with the baking process.

Also pictured is the Tungsten Sub I just bought. Very nice looking Sub.


@ValorSolo That Tungsten color is very nice and I like the painted grey also. Will you have to remove the paint or are you going to re-bake it ?

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I think I will invest in a bead blaster from Harbor Freight and blast it clean.
I’ll keep trying til I figure it out or switch to a different product, and try again.
I have spare furniture for my Sub. So this can take however long it needs to.