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I've got a new firearm problem/addiction

Sounds like infringement to me.


I hear ya, don’t even get me started, brother. The ignorance of it all has had me furrowed brow and fuming more than once…but I know I’m not alone. The more I talk to people, at least on the eastern shore, the more I realize there are a lot of folks like me not happy with what’s happening to our rights.

Thing is, I’m not really in a situation to move at the moment (if I was back in my home state of PA, we wouldn’t be having this discussion) and I’ve been toying with the idea of trying my hand with pistols for quite a while now. But I’m not getting any younger and I think the positive experience due to the generosity of those two guys at the range last weekend gave me the boot in the a$$ I needed to tip the see-saw, as it were. Maybe there’s something to giving the gov’t the figurative finger by exercising my rights while I still can, I dunno…even if I am giving up my finger prints and some cash in lieu of…

Anyway, I’ve got no issues with the instructor (he really did sound like a decent bloke with his $h!t squared away on the phone) and I might just learn some good info as well. Beyond that it’s mainly just handing money out and waiting the required time to proceed. Then the big decision, which shooter to get? No doubt if I ask here you boys will have a few suggestions. :grinning:


FNH Five seveN


Didn’t even have to ask… :laughing:

You guys are like a jock strap, never leave me hangin’! :rofl: :rofl:


Oh, and I did forget one item on the aforementioned list of “fiery hoops” to be jumped through. Once you get the HQL and are ready to select a pistol, you have to check the handgun roster maintained by the Maryland State Police before purchase. This is a list of handguns manufactured after January 1, 1985 that have received final approval by the Maryland Handgun Roster Board and are not otherwise prohibited by law. If the shooter you want isn’t on the list, it’s a no-go for purchase or use within the state.



Maryland gun laws changed quite a bit since 2012. I went through a 4-hour class with Horst and McCann. I was charged $90 for the class and used their Glock 17 Gen 4 (store rental firearm.) It included a box of rounds to ‘qualify.’ I filed for a ‘collector permit’ at the Pikesville, MD Police Department by mailing the form in. The Wait Time was (90 days) due to the volume back then! I purchased a Ruger SR22 for an ‘inexpensive plinker’ when I was not ‘riflng through’ 9mm rounds being fed through a 17 round magazine (Worker’s Comp case financed my equipment.) :innocent: By 2015, the fingerprinting and ‘state licensing crap’ came about. Since, I had ‘always’ planned on leaving the state, I swore that I would NOT give them another penny for another firearm purchase… I had stuck to my guns (pun intended) and I have since been building my own firearms! :+1: :sweat_smile:(My addiction started in 2018.)


So if I understand correctly you’re not considering a concealed carry gun, and I’m guessing you have a gun for home defense already. That narrows your choices a little. Here are my thoughts

.22 Semi Auto

Not as exciting perhaps as other options, but cheap to shoot has real value. A Ruger Mark IV will be accurate and has an extensive aftermarket for upgrades and customization, and with a 10 round capacity it skirts that issue. Fun for plinking, target shooting, and maybe some Rimfire competition.

Worth considering is a revolver. My S&W 686 in .357 could, with the right ammo, do just about anything. It’s affordable to shoot in .38 and fun with .357, can be used for personal protection or even defense against or hunting wild animals. Also no capacity concerns.

A 1911 also falls under capacity restrictions and is both classic and fun to shoot.

Beyond those you’ve got a host of great handguns to choose from honestly


Correct. Just getting the right to legally own and shoot one is going to be enough of a chore for the moment. CCW in the future, maybe, but not sure if it would be in MD.

Correct again, though a pistol would be a good option as even my PCC can be a bit much to wield in tighter spaces and a bit harder to keep nearby but concealed. That said, this is mostly for fun and to exercise the right to while I still can.

.22 is cheap and one of the big reasons (as well as fun) I recently added an AR format .22lr semi to the harem. But I do go through quite a lot of 9mm with the PCCs and it hasn’t hurt me too badly in the wallet. Stocking up on .223 and 5.56 on the other hand…probably better than 6.5 Creedmoor but not super cheap just the same.

In MD it is legal to own and shoot any capacity mag, the catch is you can’t buy, sell or transfer them within the state borders. And that includes giving them to a friend or relative, hard to enforce but technically it is in violation of the law. I have no issue driving to PA or DE and buying higher cap mags, the issue is buying online if the package has a mag over 10…and it seems many do. I’d be happy to let them keep the mag to let the deal work but most don’t seem to be interested in doing that.

Revolvers are cool, I like the “old school-ness” of them and I do have a soft spot for the 1911 format, so those may be options to consider. Honestly, if all goes well I do see myself having more than one at some point. Teasing with another photo, I see…at least you didn’t do it blatantly like @Kona, he was fishin’… :laughing:

Appreciate the knowledge and assistance, as always. :+1:t3:


Just posting on the 22lr concept. If I was starting with one pistol, I’d try to fall in love with one of many that have readily available 22lr conversions.

1911s - Advantage Arms, Marvel, Tactical Solutions, Wilson Combat, Sig, etc.
CZ - Kadet kits

A generic Duck Duck Go for 22 slide conversion will grow well beyond my limited recall abilities. And Duck Duck Go is the search engine I favor as an alternative to the Anti-Constitution alternatives.


@Dred Another excellent idea to consider.

And I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to visit a number of locals just to see what they might have in terms of good used deals. On that note I wouldn’t need to worry about the mag capacity as everything they’d have on offer would be compliant already. A lot to consider but I’m not without options. I’m thinking ahead on all this though as I still need to run the gauntlet to get to the point of purchase.


Don’t give the state any ideas about rectal exams!


I feel pretty confident it has already appeared on a whiteboard in some committee’s conference room at some point in the past, but since it was probably too close to the convict induction procedures at a prison they took a step back. Probably just put a line through it with the intent to revisit at a later date…

Currently, they’re already doing it in a figurative sense. I feel looser already and I’ve only begun the HQL process… :laughing:


If you already have a bunch of Glock 9mm mags, I’d go with the Glock especially if they are the grand-fathered in high capacity mags. I’m one of those who actually likes Glocks so it’s a no-brainer for me. Glocks simply work. Use them, abuse them, they just don’t fail. This is the load out I carry in my GHB bag. They go everywhere I go.


might have to check these out. thought they were advertising a BB gun LOL dont look bad.
plus they well under 300$


PSA does it again!!! VIRGINIA EDITION…
they do one for my future home state of WV, i will get 2 again. the NO BETO going to be exceptional as KAK’s


back to the AR suggestion Dave, build a KAK pistol, you got your registered lower, after that you can pile up different uppers and swap as the situation presents it self. way i understand it ones registered as a pistol, you can go to rifle,carbine and back to pistol with no running afoul. registered as a rifle it can only be a rifle, ever…or tll crap falls apart. waiting on these to show up now. this is slowing down a couple other projects as far as final, but i figured build em while i can,between DC, the VA, and them damnable screwed up DR’s ya never know.

this one not complete, might be about 2,maybe 3 inches longer when done.


I just had to ask about shortest barrel the other day LOL


This is a consideration because I do have a number of Glock mags and I don’t really have enough pistol shooting experience to say I don’t like them. That said, the G19X I shot wasn’t bad to shoot but it didn’t feel very good in my hand due to the narrow grip width, depth of grip was plenty fine and I understand this can be changed with different backstraps. The P320, on the other hand, felt like it was made for my mitt as soon as I picked it up…there was an immediate comfort there that I didn’t get from the Glock, the grip was substantially wider…and I believe my shots were better as a result.

Aside from setting up the HQL training for this Sunday and starting my online application on the MD State Police web portal, I’ve got a way to go before I can actually buy anything so I’ve got plenty of time to think about it. And it’s not as if I have to buy something as soon as I get the license, some have suggested renting at a range and that’s something I’m seriously considering…unless I should happen on a great deal on something used by chance and it works for me. And once I have the HQL, I can theoretically buy as many as I like, provided they aren’t banned, so maybe there’s more than one pistol in my future. They are hellish fun to shoot… :grinning:

Since I have to go through the process, at this point I’m just going to try and get the most out of the experience as I can and stay positive about it. It sounds like I’m going to have a good instructor for the training and I’m always keen for learning new things, so I intend to get my $85 worth this Sunday and do my best. Time will tell…

I actually need to do some digging and find out if AR-15 format pistols are legal here. The MD government clearly has it in for all things AR-15 given their latest push to ban the HBAR rifle models (the last legal model in the state), so I’m not sure on that one.


@chilipepper what is the approved list in that state Dave?


The Handgun Roster can be found here. Basically, you select the manufacturer from the filter list and it returns all the models and calibers that are legal to purchase and use in the state. I’ve only checked the two I fired last weekend as a test to use the thing.

The reviewed/banned firearm list is here. Scroll down, selecting a manufacturer will produce a list of reviewed firearms and their ban status.


This is good to know.

Yeah, this goes back to the 2013 law passed in response to the SH shooting. Wish I would’ve known then as I moved here in 2012. Day late, dollar short as always… :crazy_face:

I was told it’s $50 for the application (pass or fail), training course is required for anyone not LEO or Vet in good standing, costs vary dependent on instructor you choose ($85 is well in the ballpark and the instructor I contacted came by recommendation) and the fingerprinting is done by independent firms and costs can vary (there’s a kickback to the state, of course) the place I will be using charges $55 for print processing, I think. I’ll be coming in just under the ~$200 I was told originally.

Apparently it is required to purchase, transfer or rent. As of right now I cannot legally try out the pistols offered at the range until I have it. I hear they’re looking to do the same for long guns as well, that’ll surely kick the hornets nest…