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I've got a new firearm problem/addiction

…and I can’t blame this one on any of you, well, except maybe @TheThreeLaws a little bit (that’s twice now :wink:) for posting photos of his re-gripped 5906, but I digress…

I made a trip to the range yesterday morning, enjoyed my time on the long gun berms for a few hours then turned my attention to the pistol ranges for some PCC and .22lr plinking action. While there, I got to chatting with some other 2nd amendment supporters as you do and got two offers to try out some pistols in exchange for the use of my M4 sight tool and running a mag through my Ruger PCC. I’d always been a bit leery of shooting someone else’s pistol given the absurd gun laws in the state but figured I was in good company and I was keen to have a go. So I did.

First up was a Sig Sauer P320 in 9x19 for the sight tool use, I was hitting pretty good off the mark with it and really liked the feel of the grip on this puppy, nice depth and fat as well, good for my freakish meat hooks. Very comfortable and pleasant to shoot. Next up was a 3rd or 4th gen G19 for the PCC swap, a smooth shooter as well though I felt the sight picture was a bit off as I had to aim quite high to hit anything. Still a nice pistol but while the grips had good depth (owner had a nice deep backstrap attached), if felt a little thin on the width. Definitely not as comfortable but a good experience just the same. I thanked both of the owners profusely as it was a bit of an eye opening experience. Now I’ve shot a number of firearms in my life but never a pistol, not once until yesterday.

I woke up this morning and my first thought was, “enough pissing around, just do it”. So again, I did. Maryland is retarded in many ways (and it ain’t getting better) but if you want to play, you’ve got to pay. So I shot a quick email to a local HQL instructor (recommended to me by name by one of the pistol owners) to find out more about the required 4 hour training course prerequisite to fingerprinting, licensing and legal purchase. He called me within the hour and as of now I’m scheduled to take my training course this Sunday. I spoke with him for a bit and got a good education on the costs, the process and what to expect with the training. He seems like a solid guy to boot (ex-Marine, police and homeland security officer as well). He said unlike some of the training used in MD where the instructor has the applicant shoot one round into a drum for compliance (no joke, this actually happens), he’s going to teach me something about shooting pistols (knowing that I have other shooting experience). Needless to say, I’m stoked!

Still not too chuffed about going through the entire process (it’s really about cash and control) but the law is the law, and if I’m going to do it, I’m doing it by the book. I’ll be in for about 200 clams before I can even buy a pistol but there’s really no way around it, not being a Veteran or LEO. The HQL is only good for 10 years, but it’s a start…

Anyway, I can’t wait for Sunday and really wanted to tell someone. Given you guys are the only like-minded folks I know, it was bound to be the brotherhood.


Congratulations! Sounds like you had a great day at the range. Now you just have to decide which handgun suits you best. Is it an option to rent handguns at a local range? You owe it to yourself to try a S&W, Ruger, Kimber (to name a few)…for sake of comparison.


wait, you got to have a training course before you get fingerprinted ,then licenced before you can buy??? here there is no course until you get your CWP???
move south young man…move south. we wont make ya eat grits ner nuffin ifn you don wans to…


It is an option…and while I have to wait until the training, fingerprinting, brain scan, rectal exam, 30 day wait, etc. is over with to do so, it might be a good idea. Having said that, while a Glock probably makes more sense from the practical standpoint of owning a good two dozen Glock mags for the PCC’s, I really did like that Sig Sauer…


Apparently it goes like this:

  1. HQL training course, costs vary but mine will be $85 for 4 hours (minimum req’d. time for compliance)
  2. Electronic fingerprint scan/submission by commercial processor, fees vary but sounds like I’ll be in for about $50-$60
  3. Register online with the MD State Police to create an account for HQL application, application fee $50-$60
  4. Apply by submitting application with training course certification and fingerprints as well as personal info and wait 2-4 weeks for processing.
  5. If approved, wait 7-19 days to receive actual HQL
  6. Find a pistol I like, present HQL and submit to background check, pay money for pistol
  7. Wait 7 days before being allowed to take physical possession of said pistol
  8. Dance a jig and chuck a pinch of salt over left shoulder for surviving the gauntlet and pissing away ~200 clams you could’ve used towards purchase of aforementioned pistol
  9. Wait 10 years, then pay more money for the right to continue using your purchased handgun :crazy_face:

I don’t mind hominy grits with a little butter on 'em, not sure about gator, though I would guess it tastes a bit like chicken (seems everything else does) :wink:


This would be in my mind.

And I thought we had it bad, Our “process” is far less intrusive, no rectal scan…yet.


I added that for dramatic effect, but I wouldn’t put it past these pricks in the near future :grinning:

What’s really messed up is, they’re trying to push through a LGQL for all long guns, you won’t be able to buy a rifle or shotgun without having a license and you’ll have to have both licenses if you want to own both.


Yeah, me too. But, we do have to test, pay fees for a handgun, which allows the purchase of said item and is valid for 5 years. Want to buy a rifle? You’ll need to take that test/pay the fees…which no one tells you up front if you’d taken the rifle test, the handgun test is included.


Lays out wrists 'cause they need slapped for what I’m think’n 'bout posting. I grew up there, and I feel like I abandoned y’all. It weren’t nothing like that last I lived there.

Look up the case SCOTUS heard a weak ago today. If the moot doesn’t suceed, this’ll get fixed.

And, try’n to escape quietly.


dang what you have to do to get class III up there, firstborn? I thought we had it bad waiting 10 min for the paperwork to clear at the LGS before walking out with your purchase… the red meat is kinda gamey, tastes like iguana, but the white meat on the tail… more like flaky frawgs legs… good eatin.


Holy smokes. I had no idea what some states require you to go through. Here in LA fill out the transfer form, they call in a background check (unless you have your CHL in which case you are exempt from the background check) and you walk out with your gun. No big deal.

Even for the concealed license is a one day course, fingerprints and passport photo, the state does the background check. It’s very simple as well.


You’re good in my book, won’t hold it against you, you escaped. :+1:t3: That said, I’m starting to feel a bit of dick for moving here, I mean I needed the job but had no idea this was how things were…

@GOBLIN Oh, and Buck, that laundry list has nothing to do with a concealed carry permit, apparently they’re very hard to get approval for and I’d hate to think what they put you through for that. One thing’s for sure, it will cost you some loot…always about the money…


That’s kind of $h!tty and underhanded, clearly trying to milk more money from ya…

This one? NY State Rifle & Pistol v. City of New York, NY (18-280)


Yep. If y’all don’t see me for a few - this is where I earn a time-out. NY is trying hard to moot the case. They won in their sham appellate courts but changed the law (slightly) even after defending it twice in sham courts. They changed it 'cause they know it is plainly unconstitutional and SCOTUS agreed to hear it. This means they can argue to moot the case rather than arguing that their law doesn’t “infringe.” They know darned well it infringes.


Not the easiest thing to listen to, but I’m playing the audio for the oral arguments while I work. It certainly seems that the justices are a bit biased in the way they’re handling things, and biased in favor of the city from my interpretation. The premise of the city’s law is bit absurd to begin with from what I’m hearing, but it seems maybe the court doesn’t see it that way and there appears to be quite a bit of nit-picking (i.e. you can stop for a slash or cup of coffee, but not to visit your mother for an hour if she lives on the way to or from). Quite a bit of dancing with the language, for sure.

EDIT: That said, they are giving the city’s representative a bit of a grilling at the moment…


Here in Wis. you walk in the door and pick out a gun, or have it delivered to an FFL, you pay about $30 for the state and fed background check and as soon as it clears you pay for the gun and out the door. The check usually takes anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or so. Doesn’t matter if it’s a pistol, rifle or shotgun, or if you’re buying multiple guns.


@chilipepper Move across the border to WV. No B.S. to purchase firearms. Just fill out the 4473 and pass the NCIC check, pays the man, and take it with you. If you have a concealed permit you don’t even need the NCIC check.


soon Don soon. jus gotta figger out how i can bring some gators with me,


Probably a federal offense to transport unlicensed pets across state lines, Buck… :laughing:

…and I’m outta likes… :confused:


Here in the free world (AZ) constitutional carry, open or concealed. Go to shop pick what you want accomplish the back ground check and transfer paper work accomplished, pay for your firearm and your on your way, total cost! what every your firearm costs. :grinning: