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It’s Days Like These that SUX

:eye: wish these truck drivers would STOP driving on me Hiway#9 trying to get a short cut. :rage:

:eye: wish someone would fine the TRUCK out of them! :rage:

:eye: wish :eye: had started another PROJECT and stayed at home this morning! :boom::boom::boom:


That’s some poor driving right there.


When he got underway low and behold his buddy in the same type of rig was ahead of him!!!:rage::see_no_evil::boom:


As I’ve been a Professional Truck Driver most of my life I’ve seen many younger/newer driver’s make plenty of mistakes.
Today,Too many drivers rely on GPS to route them to their destinations. That will get you into trouble very quickly in an 18 wheeler. You have to know if the road that your driving on is a Truck Route or not.

Sometimes it really isn’t the drivers fault. If they were given directions by a shipper or receiver that doesn’t know the specifics involved in operating an 18 wheeler,they can easily tell them to take roads that they travel everyday in an automobile,but it isn’t a road for truck travel.

Give the trucker’s a break. It’s a hard job with shitty pay and long hours. If it weren’t for Truck Drivers,most people wouldn’t have most of the stuff that they like to buy.


@Txhillbilly This has been going on for over 20 years here…:rage:
:eye:’m sure you have heard about hiway#9 here in WNC? It’s clearly marked on both sides with flashing yellow lights for trucks to NOT drive on it.

Yes they most likely think it’s a GPS shortcut from Greenville SC to Black Mountain Ingles main warehouse.Verses 26 N and 40 E…but there is NO EXCUSE any longer and way overdue.

Way too many hairpin turns. :eye:’ve seen plenty of 18’s fall on their sides when the cargo shifts…and had to wait for hours and hours over the course of 20 years to get through…maybe 40 all together.

:eye: know plenty of truck drivers too…:eye: know the pay sucks. :eye: wish it was better for all of them…
:eye: assure you.

Forgot to mention…it was a female driver too…:scream::see_no_evil::v:

Did that look like a logical place to pull that kind of maneuver?:rage:


I can’t say that I ever went down Hwy 9,but I’ve been on plenty other roads like it all over the USA. Some will make your butt pucker up. Some were my chosen route,but other’s were the directions that I was given by the Receiver.
The problem is once you commit to taking a road like that in an 18 wheeler,you are pretty much stuck taking it because there is no place that you can safely turn around.
If the road is “Clearly” marked No Trucks,then the driver will face stiff fines for traveling on it,and there is no excuse for them driving on it.

Nothing wrong with Female trucker’s, Most are safer/better drivers than their male counterparts.
By the picture,She wasn’t very experienced. Anyone can see there’s not enough real estate there to turn an 18 wheeler around,plus I’m sure the landing gear on the trailer would get hung up trying to.


@Txhillbilly :eye: have a female friend that has a sister that retired from a full lifetime trucker career. She is very tiny…which surprises me that she would have been capable of enduring such a career!

We have local people up and down #9 and a few fire departments and rescue services. Having any blockages on our road is usually dealt with swiftly…however they are not equipped to deal with large trucks flipped over or jackknifed…so a super wrecker truck or two must come. If their is black ice on the roads or snow, the wreckers won’t come…and our mobility, being rescued, helping each other, etc. is disabled.:rage:

It’s precarious at times living in the outback…but awesome.

Clearly you haven’t been on #9 because you are a safe trucker!:pray:

Thank you for your service and chiming in here!:v:

Here’s the NOTICE TO TRUCKERS on my side of #9.


That is just a Warning sign,not a No Trucks Allowed sign. If there is a lot of truck accidents on that road,the citizens of the county need to protest to the State Hwy Dept,and the DOT to get them to change it to prohibit truck traffic larger than a Box or Coal truck.
Right now,It is completely Legal for an 18 wheeler to use that road.


Too bad because it is life threatening. The local fire and rescue departments already know.

I’ll probably be adding more pictures on this thread for everyone’s entertainment.

Strange times is all I can say at this point.:sunglasses:

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I’m an everyday truck driver myself, tho only class B now, I have done my share of class A. I agree 1000 % with what your saying. @MountainHunter has some legit gripes, but you have to take every different instance in consideration. It’s never just a black and white thing. And, yes, sometimes as drivers, we get irritable at the truck in front of us. But again, it’s kind of tough sometimes, especially if you’re not familiar with the roads you’re on.

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Lookie here…Never knew you guys have a CDL Life Publication…and me #9 is in it right now…:v::boom:

Our Broad River Fire and Rescue Department is great at sending me texts and emails when this happens but they are overworked on this
And it costs them $$$😡

USA Good Goblin grew up here!!! HELP :boom::boom::boom:

they get past the old grist mill on the 1 flipping straight tween hickory nut gorge and black mtn and then it gets, “damn i can see my tailights in the rearview”
ground many a footpeg on that road…good times…love the section coming past the old artesian well… used to be a shooting range at the last loop overlook…

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The roads are definitely getting quiet around here.

American Trucking Associations: 'The Second Quarter Is Going To Be Terrible


Here we go again…I was able to drive around the right side of the rig…this morning…

This SUX! :rage::boom::boom::boom:

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