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Issue With The Mcarbo Screws

Anybody else notice their MCarbo screw heads having surface rust on them?

I have not noticed any rust on my Mcarbo fasteners. They are very well constructed and are carbon steel.
You can use a small toothbrush brass wirebrush ( Harbor Freight) to remove any surface rust, and then utilize a Q-tip with some oil. I use Breakfree but others work as well for protecting.

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No to rusty screws, but given my choice of residence on the Texas Salt Coast … I have a product called Eezox inbound. One of the locals gave it a recommendation I could not ignore.

Here is a pic yanked from the interweb:


There is another comparison pic that shows a Ballistol sample as well. This is not a strength of Ballistol’s. I mention this 'cause I’m considering a move from Ballistol which is a big deal to me.

Amazon has several listings for Eezox if you consider protecting the carbon steel screws.



Checked on Amazon. Copy of the back of the can with info on how to use.


Yep and thanks for getting me to read it - at least this once. The local Eezox champion applies using an old shaving brush, so I ordered a new one to follow his instructions (side note: gave mine to my gf a couple years back 'cause the cringe factor watching her go at her legs unlathered was real). His claim is 2 drops on the shave brush is enough for an entire long gun or handgun. So, I’ll start with three maybe 4 drops 'cause I suffer from a broken listener. I did hear the part about letting it dry before reassembly.


Thank you for the Suggestion on This ! :sunglasses: No Rust Issues for Me’ on the Coast of SE AK. But Will keep this on File.


Yes, let it dry. It is good stuff. I am forever trying the new “thing” but have stuck with EEZOX for several years.



noticed this working on bikes years ago with allen and torx type fasteners, chrome, phosphate,anodize, what ever finish is on a carbon steel screw,
use of the appropriate wrench, tightening or torquing, skuffs the finish where the wrench bites.
where that finish gets skuffed, it will rust.

you can get the lil snap covers (black or chrome, red or blue even gold) that snaps into the bite area of the fastener, and slicks it off, OR you can take the appropriate color RTV put a dab in the bite area of the fastener and wipe off excess, OR you can take clear fingernail polish and dab the brush in the bite area of the fastener (clear lacquer in essence ) and let it dry.
seals the bite area, and keeps it that way till you break it loose.
and with a scribe, you can pop out the cap, or the RTV plug.


the screws weren’t rusting in the torx area, it was on the smooth portion of the screw heads. all but 2 screws have the surface rust.

then brush off the head (brass wool),and coat it with fingernail polish let it dry, reinstall, and dab the torx area. High Carbon steel will rust in a damp environment. depends on the thickness of the coating. i live in the middle of what is basically a swamp, my hunting firearms are either black phosphate finish or parkerized. down to every nut screw and pin. then lubed with TW25B. im going to end up doing the ame to my EDC do to sweat and humidity issues.

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