Iso-Wanted ksg breacher barrel nut

Hello everyone I’m so disappointed I really need a ksg breacher barrel nut for my build please if anyone has one reach out I would love to buy it and I’ll make it worth your time! Thanks


Welcome to the club @Staccato2313 Russ.
Will this work the same way the AR15 device does?

Here is another:

Your could stick over fencing to break it?

Are these threaded to the outside of the barrel or clamped?

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Boomstick buddy. For a boomstick.
But it doesnt look like it unless fired while engaged on the wire. The inner faces don’t look very sharp on their own.

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Ya I’m looking for the lower profile one being im gonna be using the m carbo spikes as well

Like I said anyone interested in selling one I’ll gladly pay they were $15 new So I won’t waste someone’s time im willing to pay more then that for sure so reach out to me

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I’m looking for more low profile bud

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