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Is there a mobile version? New user limited posting?

I take it with this being a new forum that there.is no mobile version of this correct?

That is correct, you could pull it up in any browser on your phone if you want to use it that way.

Seems tobe in mobile and desk top view. I am using it on my mobile phone now

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What I meant was, “is there an app for this or will there be one?” I’m using it on my mobile webrowser, just wondering about a Google Store app or something like that.

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@Ruger Yes Sir there is. It’s the Discourse App which is what the forum is built on. I’ve used it so far without issue. Download and login as usual to forum.mcarbo.com

Let us know if you end up using it and how it works for you!?


@Ruger Thank you for asking this and making the announcement. I completely forget to mention the app feature.

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I’ve been using the forum on my iPhone and everything is displaying properly. It even asks me in the bottom corner if I’d like to switch to desktop view. Forum running great on my end. :+1:t2:


@ChrisNelson - have you considered Tapatalkcrapper? I downloaded Discourse and will give it a try next time I’m resting brain cells on the throne.


Only works with the iOS platform. Us Droid users are just going to go through the browser on the phone

Search “discourse” at Google’s Play Store. Download was free and it works on my droid phone and tablet.

Lucky you mine said app not compatible. I have a very old Droid phone.

Send me an email if this happens to you: chris@mcarbo.com

I like the new forum. Great people, interesting topics. But it keeps limiting me. Thursday I posted five times then it cut me off. Friday I posted one time then it cut me off.

​I’ve manually upgraded the trust level on your account. You shouldn’t have this problem anymore but let me know if you do. The forum has a trust level feature to prevent new accounts from being created for spamming purposes.