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Is the function test usually this quiet?

Hey, was wondering if the trigger/function test on the m series is usually really quiet or if i should take it all apart and put it back together.

I’m more familiar with ARs and not PCCs but my ARs have a pretty loud distinct CLINK. Figured i’d check with you all!


You should definately hear and feel the hammer drop.
I can hear my safety selector from 50 yds…
That being said, i wouldnt advise full disassembly.


I expect you are referencing lost tactile/audio feedback for reset.

Sub 2000 should provide good feedback.


Yes, sorry about the poor explanation. Here is a video of it. The reset sounds louder in the video than what I hear with my naked ear but maybe i’m going deaf idk lmao. IMG 1569 GIF | Gfycat

I also notice that when I pull the charging handle to test function, it feels like the trigger sinks in even more. Is that normal with your sub also?

Sorry for the stacked on questions.

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Mine’s not an actual M series, but I have all the MCARBO internal goodies in mine and the metal trigger/trigger guard, so same-same in that regard. I get a audibly definite and sharp “snap” sound when the hammer drops. Have you actually shot yours yet? If not, try that first.


I agree with @Wedge. Take it out and put it through a thorough test. You should know fairly quickly if there is a problem.