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Is the bottom rail on the sub 2k a picatinny rail

My son wants to buy me a flashlight laser sight combo for my 2k to mount underneath the barrel. He asked me if the rail was picatinny or M-lock. I thought Picatinny but decided to ask you guys. Also any suggestions for what kind I should get


@IrishDeacon It’s a Picatinny rail on the bottom and top. M-lok on the sides.


Thank you sir. Greatly appreciated



I like the Streamlight TLR-4 mainly because it can be screwed on and unscrewed quickly by hand, no tools needed. I just don’t need it or want it hanging off the bottom when I’m only target shooting.


@IrishDeacon Hey Art… as another recommendation is the Olight Baldr. Seconds to mount and unmount. And allows for side mounted M-lok bipod legs. Also I can quickly unclip and add it onto one of my several Glocks. And with 1350 lumens you will blind an intruder, no need to fire the weapon. lol.


Take the most expensive :smile:


Thank you all for your insight. Will pass it along to my son


I also run a BALDR Pro on the lower Pic rail of my Sub 2000.

Baldr Pro advantage is being powered by two batteries - longer life. It is great for a carbine.


I like that bipod. Who’s is it?

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Hey Keith… I really love it…

Thanks for the quick reply. Does the 8” high one work ok or would the next taller one work better?

The one pictured above from Amazon by UTG is telescoping (and easily adjustable) from 5.7" to 8". It’s the one I have and I am sure you will like it.

@TexasEskimo Cool setup! What Sling are you running?

@00Buck I have had it for a few years and the tag fell off. I am fairly certain it is the Magpul MS3 (not the MS4 for sure). I think. Lol.


@TexasEskimo “I am fairly certain, for sure, I think”…that is funny. :grinning:

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@TexasEskimo Oh cool… I have an MS4 on my AR. I Have another in grey on backorder… The freagin MS4 are hard to find in stock.

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And make sure you take a wide flat file and file the tops of the blocks FLAT.
The fore arm is a KelTec 420 forearm. For less than $100.00

While they are made for the Gen1 and lock into the front of the hinge they can be made to work for the GEN2.
If you look closely the upper and lower rails are staggered The top being closer to the hinge, with the bottom going forward. gives more acreage for mounting stuff. It is very rigid and light !
I like real rails![Frankenstein S2K out for the town|374x500]

nice looking set of legs.


THe Nice thing about having a rail mounted rearward of OEM is it gives a good base(for eye relief) for a scope


picatinny but do not believe standard size