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Is Anyone Currently Running This?

I want to run a 3x magnifier on the mcarbo optic mount then put a red dot on the sub 2k rail with a quick detach. Anyone running that? Most of the 3x mag scopes I see look like they need more than 3 rail slots to mount properly. Also if I did do that and removed the red dot would my front sight be magnified properly?


the mount will take the weight I oveloaded the hell out if it in the testing phase, it held the ACOG. and a couple of the others that had double pin mounts. My EOTECH magnifer is a single point mount, it should hold it just fine. to show that, I flipped a COMP M AIMPOINT bassackards on a GG&G cantilever mount and shot it 100 rounds on the Mcarbo scope mount, didnt make a difference that i had it over leveraged and overloaded. its a tough unit.(last Pic., the acog pics are on a Gen 1 with a redlion fore end)


That red lion fore end is pretty sweet, do you also have the rl front sight? Also how did you get the mcarbo optic mount to attach there? Looks custom


An alternative would be to get a like a Burris 3x prism sight and mount a Fast Fire 3 on top. Doesn’t look like it would fit on a 3 slot rail on the optic mount though, so you’d need a larger rail. Gonna get pretty clunky either way

Honestly it’s a PCC, and a lightweight and portable one at that. It’s not really a long range platform so personally I’d stick to a red dot by itself


@KD086 yep have the red Lion front sight as well, picked up a used complete package for the Gen1 sub before i found Mcarbo( this is a older model if i had got a newer one i would have gotten the folding redlion front sight , but it was not out yet…)
the mcarbo flip mount to red lion was easy. piece of thin alloy plate, center and drill 2 holes to Mlock it to the rail cage, (I use a laser to center, C.A.T. alignment rig, as in “for a level straight line light dont lie” then i drilled and reamed the four corner holes to size for the stand offs and used nut and counter sunk screws. took me 15 minutes to rough cut it out, and another 20 to ream/drill and mount on the prototype. ans with your own mount it would be even simpler, as you could trim the standoffs to thickness of plate and nut directly without spacers like i had to do, because we were passing the mount around, stress testing it,. so i could not alter the mount i had to adapt to it.
400 rounds with heavy scopes, not a iota of movement.
I did get a lil bounce with the ACOG, but they are heavy, and it returned to perfect center after each recoil.
I have since made a plate with 1/16 500SS sheet, and shaved and knurled pressed nuts into it.
soon as im flush and can order my mount for the Gen1, it will be a permanent mount for the Re lion forend. then i gotta get one for a Gen 2 i got as well.
In my opinion, the Mcarbo mount is stronger,and more versatile than the H&K made STANAG claw loc mounts I have on my 91/93 rifles.
If Chris OKs it, I will write out and illustrate how to do your own adapter plate for a rail system
Let me know if you need any assistance with the plate, i will gladly help you out.
@TheThreeLaws the AR series 332 is a double pin mount on the prism sight Threelaws, it locked in, it held target, and the sight operated with it, but its heavy for the three slot, later on if Chris were to make a scope model mount, say 10 slot, with the length to the rear, and a wider hinge for weight distribution, it would be nirvana/perfect in my eyes . love those prism units… I was dilibertly using heavy scopes, and breaking the cardinal rule by single pin mounting a double pin base, trying to make the pin/spring/mount fail. i couldnt do it.


That’s encouraging! If I wanted to run magnified optics on the Sub, that’s how I’d do it. You can get a 3x paired with a Fast Fire 3 micro/pistol dot, mount it on top (or I think they have side Mounts too), and have both available and able to fold out of the way.

Though with the effective range of 9 or .40, I’ll stick to just a red dot myself.


Nice. Thanks man I like the setup :+1:


the mount will take the weight and added stress, if we could just locate a QD clamp on mount rail section, long enough to lock in a dual pin mount, Lke the GG&G cantiliver mount but instead of a ring just be about a 10 slot rail to lock to the 3 slot rail on the mount.
Hmmmmmmmmmmm hint to Mcarbo to make one :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: