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Iron sights on Ruger PC 19122?

Greetings folks!

I was wondering if anyone had a solution to adding ironsights to the Ruger 19122 carbine. Its sights only but I would love to add good old fashioned iron sight to it.

Thoughts? Solutions?



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Well, not entirely convince this will be a great or viable solution but you could try to source the barrel portion from a 19115, 19116, 19117, in keeping with the appearance of your 19122. They only had the old school models when I got mine, and while I’ve since swapped out the chassis and forend, I’ve never gone any farther with the sights. They just work really well for me and I’d say they’re the fastest open sights I have in terms of target acquisition.

My PCC is one my favorite firearms, it always works and tends to make me look better than I actually am, somehow…


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Honestly, I wish it was better but I am not very familiar with the model you have. Can you get a good view of the top of the barrel under the handguard? A long shot but just wondering if maybe they were using the same barrel as mine but just not adding the sights. A bit optimistic/utopian, I know…

I would’ve suggested seeing if Ruger would sell you a barrel and handguard but I’ve tried a number of times to buy a 15" hand guard for my AR-556 (that wasn’t available when I purchased mine) and they refuse to do so, even with a valid serial number to prove I own one of their guns. And here I thought they were in business to make money…

Just thought of something else, what does the top of the hand guard look like, is it M-Lok slots? While the sights would not be directly on the barrel, I feel like I saw someone selling fixed irons that attached to M-Lok slots…though they would be a bit taller than the factory sights.

Found 'em…though they’re folding…


I would put a m-lok picatinny rail on top of the hand guard then attach 45 degree rails with flip up iron sights.


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It never hurts to contact M*CARBO with questions and needs like yours. You’re not the first person with your model to be wanting to add irons.

I’ve heard there is little clearance from the top slot to the barrel…but there’s probably away to shorten things up and make it work.

There is a good discussion and possible solutions on Rugerforum.net:


So I can confirm after buying the Arisaka low profile rail it didn’t get the sight low enough on its own.

But when I use the Magpul MBUSPro LR rear sight and adjusted the height as far up as it would go, I was able to co-witness my red dot with my iron sights. I didn’t have to shave down the front sight post and had the full range of adjustment. I was able to get the Magpul sight from grabagun.com and got it for $88 by clicking their Grabaquote button. Attached are some pics of the sights and it co-witnessed. Thanks for the help you guys provided.


FYI: Looks like the red dot is on a high skeleton mount.

Good luck!


@Sinned Update on my post above…hope post above helps you…

and here helps anyone else for keeping the front stock sight and using a better rear sight on all the other PCC models…good to know…love the longer sight radius…IMHO :sunglasses::v::boom::boom::boom:

“The key was a 1/8 riser under the stock front sight.
And the UTG low profile rear sight which is windage and height adjustable.”

Glad to see no one is making the “ Iron Sight” mod :eye:’m making…:eyes::eye::boom::boom::boom::eye::sunglasses::v:


Hello, I have the 19122 pistol grip pc9 carbine.
I noticed my barrel was dirty, so I took the shroud off, and BEHOLD!!! TWO THREADED HOLES for the front sight!!! I don’t know why Ruger hid them under the shroud. I’m not sure if it was just the one I got, but I would recommend taking off the shroud and looking.
I plan on having my shroud opened up for a iron sight to be mounted.:+1::+1::+1:



I found this on YT…ymmv


Any updates on using the threaded holes? My barrel has same. I didn’t want to put a red dot on, want to stick with a scope or iron sights to teach my daughter how to shoot a bigger caliber rifle after learning on a Stoeger XM1 PCP .177. Squirrels and groundhogs are forwarned!!!

I’m a newbie to the gun and this site - reading up a lot on mods and info. Just ordered all the Magpul parts, plus a nice knurled bolt handle from Brownells and a bigger magazine release from Ruger for my 19124 model (the shop where I bought the gun had 4 extra Ruger 17 round mags, so I’m set). Excited to be able to teach myself about dismantling a rifle, servicing and upgrading it. I have a couple shotguns and handguns, bought a nice custom build AR15 from a local guy that I have yet to shoot. Looking forward to getting hands on with it! Just looking for deals now on ammo to stock up a bit…