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Introduction & TC/S&W Compass Trigger Job

Fellow M-CARBO Family,

I completed a USMC career in 2008. I had enlisted on 7 DEC 1976. It was a real journey between active duty assignments and USMCR status changes. In the 31 1/2 years on the clock, 20 1/2 were on active duty. My summary of success is that I took the jobs no one else wanted to do, and created success.

In 2012 I needed a new career. I tried “Electrical Technology” but the local VO-TECH was a fraudulent enterprise; I decided to try gunsmithing.

The Colorado School of Trades in Lakewood accepted me as a student. I completed the curriculum from between 9 JUN 2014 to 13 AUG 2015. I accepted gunsmith positions at shops in Louisiana and California. In AUG 2018 I moved to North Carolina and began working at a gunshop in FEB 2019.

I came across M-CARBO because a customer wants to reduce the trigger pull on his TC/S&W COMPASS bolt-action rifle in 6.5 CREEDMORE to something around 3 lbs. from 7 lbs. of pull. I found the YouTube video on the M-CARBO Trigger Spring Kit.

The kit has been mailed and I will provide a product review once it is installed.

Have a great day at the range.

Paul Bowen
The Shotgun Whisperer


@Shotgun-Whisperer Welcome to the Brotherhood Paul. Thank you for your service in the Marine Corps.


@Shotgun-Whisperer Semper Fi Welcome aboard


It was a privilege. Thought it was over prematurely from time to time.

Three decades just flew by.


Great Nickname.

Serving was a privilege. Just look at the news and you see all the crybabies playing out their 15-minute of game.


@Shotgun-Whisperer welcome to the forum paul


So HUNTER1916…why that date in time. What is it about 1916 that puts it into your Forum Name?

As for Shotgun Whisperer…we have Xavier as the Dog Whisperer; Hanoi Jane & Redford made the “Horse Whisperer”; I have a friend in Venice, California who is the “Bicycle Whisperer”, so the World needed a “Shotgun Whisperer”.

I am a North Carolina corporation…and the “ShotgunWhisper@Yahoo.com” was I taken despite the availability of Yahoo emails since before 1994.

Leave it to SNOWFLAKES to overlook a good “HANDLE”.

Before graduating college in 1980, my fraternity nickname was “Psycho Killer”; something about an affray (that I didn’t start) at a Tommy’s Burger in Van Nuys, CA on 10 NOV 1979…the initiating group took out one of ours; in the end we (10 of the milk toast types) took out two of them and scared the crap out of a third.

It was a great call sign for OCS, TBS and Naval Flight School (because no one gives a shit till you actually graduate). In my first squadron (VMFA-251) it was changed to Kareem (as in Abdul Jabar) because I am barely 5’ 4”.

Another guy was 6’ 6” and named Pip Squeak…oppostism (fake new word) was a consistent application to tactical identities.

I used to go around shouting, “Allah Akbar…don’t shit where you eat.”


As your first clue, might help to let you know that Brother @hunter1916 “ain’t from around here”. Check the tag line next to his forum name as well as his profile.

I could be wrong but I suspect it might have something to do with Éirí Amach na Cásca

Now that’s a good one! :grinning:


My user name come from my great grand father his name was James Hunter and he fought and was part of the garrison in the GPO in Dublin in the 1916 Easter Rising he was also involved in the final battle in Moore st before they had to surrender he died in 1947


Nothing wrong with having some substance to your forum nick. And what better than a tribute to family. I like it!

And thanks to @Shotgun-Whisperer for asking. I hadn’t actually considered its meaning until he asked. The year was the easy part, though no chance of getting the name…I just figured you liked hunting… :slightly_smiling_face:


Well Kiernan,

You projected the best subliminal message.

The struggles of the Irish helped to populate the United States; we are a Nation of NONCONFORMISTS. Anyone with a problem with European Snobs cape here to make a difference.

Great Story. My Great-Grandfather (Matzen) was born on a Isle of Sylt in 1866. The North Friesian Islands had belonged to Denmark be getting annexed by the Prussians. He emigrated to Nebraska in 1882 to stay out of their military draft.

Two of his sons (my grandfather and his older brother) fought in the AEF from 1917 to 1919.

My name is Welsh; so we are all Gaelic Speakers here.


@Shotgun-Whisperer looks like we both come from defensive backrounds paul and historic


That’s an interesting way to put it.

The other parts of the family made the most of their opportunities. My maternal grandmother was born in Arkansas in 1907; she lived 103 years. Her parents had been born in the 1880s; descended from a family that was established in the Winston-Salem area of NC. A Family Bible we still have records a birth in 1806. They were “Planters”; moved to Arkansas in the 1850s with the Manifest Destiny crowd.

They were Southern Sympathizers and my grandmother’s Grandfather Hearn was crippled by Union Guerrillas. They burned his feet in a fire in an effort to get him to give up livestock and valuables.

The extended family remained in Arkansas to until 1920. They moved to Los Angeles.

On the Bowen side the story is that three brothers came to America (probably 1890s) and became week-to-do through different business ventures. My Great Grandfather Bowen owned property and department stores in Los Angeles. My Grandfather Bowen was born there in 1902. He was in the appliance and furniture business his whole life. I saw a photo of him wearing a military academy uniform from 1919. He said it was from Greenbrier Military School in West Virginia; he described himself as a spoiled brat.

I suppose the Stock Market crash changed all that. My father was born in 1928…he is still alive. His mother was from Canada; raised him in Seattle to until Pearl Harbor. She joined the Army because everyone was tired of not working for ten years (thank you FDR); she dropped my father off on his dad in 1942 and went over to North Africa, Sicily & Italy.

He turned 15 in 1943 and joined the U.S. Merchant Marine…till 1947. Served in the Western Pacific and China. Became a race car driver and “American Hot Rod Pioneer”; set land speed records at Bonneville in 1954 and 1961.

We just don’t sit still in my family.