International Diplomacy

I have been listening to news about 2 (now three) Americans who were fighting with Ukrainian forces and who now have been captured by the Russians. Their families and others are now demanding the U.S. government intervene on their behalf.

Should it?

Aid workers and the like are a different situation. But if an American chooses to actively fight on behalf of one combatant, should we expect them to be treated differently than any other captured soldier? What obligation, if any, does the U.S. government have to intervene?

I would argue that the individuals chose to make war on behalf of one party, should be treated as a citizen of that party and that the U.S. government should do nothing absent a clear violation of the Geneva Convention, etc.

Your thoughts?


If they enlisted and are “under contract” as an active of any form of defensive force, that person(s) should be treated as a combatant of the country that holds it per all applicable laws.

Now, when you get into the Wagner Group and the like…they are not claimed by the Russian Military (some deny it even exists). PMC groups are also illegal according to Russian law so they are (to me at least) mercenaries in most conflicts they are involved in.


Sorry, but they went on their own accord. They were not sent by our government so it is not our governments responsibility to intervene.


Kind of have to agree with this. Plus, they should have known what they were getting into volunteering, and that includes the possible outcomes.


I was in a similiar situation years ago. I didn’t do everything because it was 100% to the benefit of my country… it was primarily because I thought it was the right thing to do, my ego, and the money. I was invincible. I knew no one would come to my rescue if things went south. It was my choice and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to put their life at risk for a choice that I made.
These men knew, as I did, that there was no calvary coming to the rescue. No government would claim me. I pray for the safety of these men. However, they knew going in what the worst case scenario could be and they will now, unfortunately, pay the price. Hopefully, as in my case, the price is cash. US dollars are the universal King… it is the key to freedom.


Their families may bug the USA to get them out but the volunteers hopefully understood the risk and are not expecting a US rescue.


Should our government get involved in their rescue? No. They volunteered. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


Same with basketball players.