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Internal Upgrade Question (Sear Spring)

I completed the internal upgrade and I think all is good, but I am concerned about the sear spring install. I have watched Chris’s install video and all looks and functions well, but the sear spring is bent down quite a bit and tucked in the polymer and that concerns me. Please take a look at the attached pictures and conform that install looks good please.


@guyp2k Here is a picture I found on the forum.


Thx @dave67, after looking at that I think I’m good. I followed Chris’s video verbatim and the video showed to tuck the sear spring in behind the polymer, which I did but at a downward angle.

That picture shows the sear spring resting behind the pin which looks correct to me and applies to my situation.


Welcome to the Brotherhood, @guyp2k. Chris shows the sear spring tucked down into the space between the pin and the shell so the two halves can go together. The hammer spring sits above that pin and usually must be pushed up when reassembling. Your assembly looks okay.