Interesting Tools And Equipment


I thought a tool thread would be useful and interesting.
We all have tools. We all need tools. We all want more tools.
Maybe we can discover new tools to make our lives a bit easier.

Here’s something interesting, to me at least.



Hey Charles, where were you when I was refinishing my 10/22 receiver??? I had thought that you had my back! :rofl:

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MCARBO armorer’s wrench for the S2K. Or, the Gen 2 S2K, specifically…


You know, I just did the complete MCarbo upgrades plus heavy bolt and really didn’t use the wrench at all. I’ve got the easily removable collar found on the newer models. Only used it for the “C” clips on the safety. But I may need to pull the barrel off soon.

@lonewolf I’ll try harder next time. LoL


That’s why I mentioned the Gen 2 “specifically”. LOL


It is difficult to understand our reasonings for buying certain things? I mean, obstaining from that 'little voice inside one’s head??? I GOT TO HAVE IT!!! Lol. Then WE are able to get what we want…

With firearms it becomes HOW DO WE MAKE IT OUR OWN??? It then becomes a ‘race’ to MODIFY it not realizing that one does not have all the NECESSARY TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT then to make it our own??? It is such a vicious cycle @ValorSolo? :grinning:

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