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I wanted to know if you still have access to get a hold of some of the equipment you used in 10th group? If you can is it something you would be able to sell to other in this group?

I’m listening…waiting for a response to my follow up for specifics. Anyone else have something in mind?


The bug out bags
Range bags
plate carriers
issued sunglasses
hats, not the berets
And any of that spec op goodies that got lost during training,


Hahaha… all sorts of good stuff gets lost in training!

I remember how easy it was to get oakley eye pro all day long. They handed them out like candy.

Don’t have a free hook up but I can get you the information. I think we should eventually add that to what M*CARBO is doing. A quality line of shooting equipment that is up to Operator Standard.

If more members want that sort of thing we can put it together.


yeah there are a few places that sell the boxes of operator goodies, but who has $300+ a month to do that. VA benefits only pays the bills.


How about the electronic hearing protection that doesn’t cost a fortune.


I had a tons and tons of Blackhawk bags and Wiley x Glasses… good times… Oakley does have OakleySI (google it) they offer rock bottom prices on Oakley’s. It is maintained and run by Oakley and you do need credentials to get on.


@rrorcpa Dave, I found 3 different electronic over the ear hearing protection muffs on Ebay from $23-$35 and all had good reviews/ratings.

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@rrorcpa Personally, I really like the Howard Leight Impact Pro Earmuff (R-01902) and they’ve really come down in price since I bought mine a couple years ago. However, they’re still in the $40 price range so… I’m not sure whether that qualifies as a fortune or not?