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Integrated Tool-Less Locking Pin

All Things SUB-2000!2020-08-06T06:00:00Z

I received the tool-less locking pin and finally got it installed after one hour of pain and suffering. My arthritic hands hurt for a day and there was a crease on my finger that didn’t go away for a day. What a bear to install.

Guys, here’s my recommendation: Offer for sale an already-installed tool-less locking pin on a recoil spring! Imagine: a ready-to-install recoil spring-cum-locking pin!

Rangers, lead the way!


Dear friends of mcarbo ,i had the same problem trying to install the so called too-less locking pin on my sub2000 …i tried and tried and got so frustrated that i could not do it ,in the video they made it look so easy but even with the help of a friend the darn thing was impossible to contract the spring ,i finally gave up went to the post office and sent it to mcarbo in clearwater to have it installed ,yes i agree 100% it would be better to pay a little more more and have it shipped ready to go …as it is i paid almost $40 first time and who knows how much more for installation …i know that the folks at mcarbo listen to their customers ,so for GOD SAKE put this thing together save us the frustration thank you !!!

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Agreed, I came here to see if I could find someone that would install it because my hands just cant handle it, too painful.

Try this:
Follow Chris’s video up to 14:24 where he inserts the Allen key between the coils through the guide rod pieces.

With the key installed about halfway through, instead of trying to compress the top portion (really difficult for my 68-year-old, arthritic hands) and hold several tools at the same time, hold the key and turn the lower portion of the guide rod spring to fully compress that portion of the spring.

I was able to compress it enough to allow the removal of the end cap and install the locking pin (using only a flat head screwdriver to hold the rod apart) without further compressing, using a microblade or a third hand. Then just unwind using the allen key. Function check was fine. Took it to the range yesterday and shot just as before. Field stripping is truly easier.


Awesome that worked, thank you so much. Still had the spring in the 2x4 I drilled out for this.

Function check tomorrow then! I haven’t shot this since doing all the MCarbo upgrades, anxious to do so.