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Installed M-carbo trigger kit Kimber Micro 9 9mm

Tested my Kimber Micro 9 trigger pull before install with manual Wheeler gauge: 8 lbs+.

Installed M-carbo trigger kit, firing pin spring, new sear spring, hammer spring. Re-assembled
and tested action seemed fine; reset worked properly, cycled say 10 times no issues.

Tested trigger pull with manual Wheeler gauge 8 lbs +. Same as before. Put old parts in plastic bag as I removed them :slight_smile:

Has anyone ever experienced this and what was resolution?

Any guidance appreciated,

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when I got my Micro 9 Rapide, it had a 10 pound trigger pull. Sent it back to Kimber,they replaced the trigger assembly and cleaned up the sear and feed ramp. Brought it down to 8 pounds. I replaced the three springs with the MCARBO trigger kit, and it’s now 5.5 pounds…I wonder if any of those issues might be the cause.