Inherited Hammerli 22

I inherited a Hammerli 22 pistol from my grandfather. Grandma said he wanted me to have it. That was strange since the subject of guns never came up between me and my grand dad. I thought this was going to be some kind of antique but after opening the box its a very modern looking gun.

When I did some research on the web I was shocked at how much it’s worth. I am able to shoot on my own property so I’m going out for some 22 ammo and try to figure out why this gun costs so much.

I never heard of Hammerli. But but the case in came in says Sig Sauer. Any advice or info is welcome.


First, sorry about your loss.

That’s a nice firearm. Your grandfather had very good taste in target pistols.

Hammerli had a partnership with gunmaker Sig Sauer for a while. As they have with others in the past. Their niche is with higher end 22 target pistols. It’s a German company that has been around a very long time. They also make 22 rifles and airguns.

If you dont want to keep it, bear in mind Hammerli’s can be pricey and are collectable - so get a trustworthy estimate on value before accepting any offers. Some Hammerli’s are worth more than others.

I’d like to see a pic. Give it a good cleaning and put some rounds thru it. Enjoy!


Love those hand me down firearms from the family, the memory plus a firearm is hard to beat combination.


I decided to sell the gun and gave the money to my grand mother. It was fun to shoot but I dont need a target pistol. I took it to two local gun shops and one offered me a little bit less than what others like it sell for. I thought that was fair and I dont have to go through the hassle of finding a buyer or doing the transfer paperwork. Thanks so much @Dung for all the info you sent. That really helped. Other online groups I joined have not been so friendly or helpful.