Inherited 32-40 Ammo

Bought a house that belonged to a deceased relative. During remodel discovered 5 boxes of pristine 32-40 John Wayne ammo. Just curious what should it be worth and where can I sell it. I do not have rifle for the ammo.


20 round box… around 90 bucks is the going price. The John Wayne branding makes it more collectable. If you want it to sell fast, let it go for $75.

Good luck, pilgrim.


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@Moosecall Aw, shucks…

@PTD237 makes it easy. You could try a local gun shop. Especially if it’s one that has a decent inventory of vintage long guns. Or poke around and look for a forum that have a group who has vintage Marlin or Winchester members.

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@PTD237 If you’re looking to make a quick buck without having to sell online and shipping it, I’d suggest finding a schedule of gun shows in your area. There’s a lot of collectors that go to those shows, and less common ammo is extremely hard to find right now