M*CARBO Brotherhood

Inexpensive C-Clips at Ace

Hello fellow MCB’s,
During one of my many disassembles to install MCARBO parts in my Sub2000 I had a c-clip fly across the kitchen to places unknown and unfindable (probably the same place where missing socks go). The next day I brought the remaining c-clip to Ace hardware and was able to buy another one for 45 cents. Sorry I forgot to write the size or item number of the Ace c-clip to share with you but, just know that most places like Ace or Home Depot are going to have your replacement clips for a very minuscule price.


Kevin that is a great post. My Home Depot Does not carry much but our Ace hardware store is an old one with many hidden gems.


I’ve used Ace Hardware springs and clips for numerous projects and find they usually have what I need (or a suitable substitute) for a fraction of what I would pay for an OEM part. Everything from automotive to lawn mower to firearm parts.


That is why we had a nickname for those c-clips. When I was in the Navy. We used to call those things Jesus clips because you would always shout Jesus when it flew away. Never to be seen again.