I'm taking Sig's "Handgun 101" class in Florida next month!

My son is a machinist at the Sig Sauer factory in New Hampshire. He bought me my P 365, my first gun, which I conceal-carry daily. And now he let me use his employee discount to pay for this course.

It’s in Titusville, FL on the east coast, and a two and a half hour drive across state, but I’m up for it, and excited! It’s the first of four basic classes which are prerequisites for more advanced classes, many of which I’m also eager to take.

What better source of training than Sig Sauer, right?!


I attended my class on Saturday. It was very well run and entirely worth the price and the time spent! It was held at the Police Hall of Fame in Titusville.

Proper emphasis was put on gun safety in the classroom in the morning, and we spent the afternoon at the range where we shot 50 rounds through Sig P 320s during a series of target shooting drills.

I shoot with both eyes open, but no one at my range told me about “dominant eye.” So when the instructor showed us how to determine it, that was my key to finally getting tight groups and on target.