I'm Back......Yay!


Feels good to be back. Was out of state for a few months for work. Feels good to be home. Miss shooting and have the itch to go lol. Also bought a new used truck, a 2000 4runner sr5 4wd. Just needs some tlc and maintenance. And now finally I will be able to go to BLM land to shoot and camp yay! Anywho I’m back and feels good to be here once again.



Welcome back.

Nice picture!


@JohnB thanks for the welcome!


Welcome Back’ :grin: I remember Servicing Those, before I got Tired of being a Tech and went to work for the City!! Clean Urinals and Maintaining Ball Fields and having a’lot more fun and Benefits.:rofl:
If you can find the Factory Manuals Especially the ETM ! and at least Volume 1 which will help will all Fuel injection trouble shooting, Top end repairs and service,


@DivaMarie yep got them already, vol 1, 2, 2a, and wiring diagrams. It’s a requirement when I buy a car I get the frm’s. Just waiting on the rest of the cooling hoses to arrive, they are almost 20 years old so time to replace. Sunroof is stuck shut, probably the cables gumed up. Oh also bypassed the radiator trans cooler so I won’t get a strawberry milkshake. Original radiator is crumbling in my hands :rofl:


@CatFood Nice job! The new dealer here Burned all the ETM’S and Service Manuals for all models for the 17 years prior to me leaving,
AND who ever the Mental Giant was that thought of Plastic Tanks on Radiators Should be Hung by his (N88’s) till Dead’ Dead’ Dead’. :rofl:
T STAT !! also.


@DivaMarie, oh yes, getting a full timing belt/water pump/tstat, rad hoses, all oils, wheel bearings, brake stuff (tundra upgraded calipers). Then sunroof. Then for the mods yay! Edit, it’s the aluminum that is crumbling :astonished::astonished::astonished:

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@CatFood welcome back catfood!


@GOBLIN thanks! Feels good to be home. So much stuff to do now I’m back!


Welcome back! Love the new 4Runner.


@CatFood Don’t forget your small touch up paint white with brush,To mark cams and crank on TDC! :sunglasses: Now’ a Trick that I (don’t give Out very often) out my Bag For the ‘‘Crank Bolt’’ Use a good know 6 point impact socket not worn out,3ft half inch breaker bar install&support handle under frame member drivers side,Pull EFI fuse or Coil wires your choice’ TAP the Key’ Not a Full crank mode’ Normally takes 2 times you will hear it ‘‘freewheel’’ When it’s loose! :joy: NOW drink a beer’ Just saved ya a bunch of pain when the factory used Way to Much Red Locktite and 236 ft pds.of Torque. (Enjoy)


@VAbowhunter thanks took about 5 months to find it!

@DivaMarie thanks for the tip, yes manufactures have been known to go full retard at times with loctite. There was a time when I worked for vw that on one of the trans mounts 10x1.5 mm bolt that is 5 or so inches long, covered in blue loctite, no matter what you would do it would always brake! I’m not looking forward to the crank bolt, but I’ll use my 1200 ftlb impact to remove that bugger.


@CatFood TRY IT Once’ You’ll like it No Compressor do in the brush’ when your Fubar’d A Zillion miles from anything.:sunglasses: