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If you had a choice to buy pistol or long gun

If you have the funds to purchase a pistol or rifle which would buy and why that choice. I’m still up in the air of my choice, but leaning towards an AR -15 build.


Well, that’s kinda hard to answer without knowing what you own, and what potential purposes do you have (do you have good concealed carry options, or good home defense options, etc).

So, building an AR is always a good option. Especially with the legal challenges they’re increasingly facing. I don’t know exactly how much it will help at this point, but Palmetto State Armory’s goal of making them as widely owned, and therefore “common use” as possible is a good idea. If you already have a 5.56 AR or two, doing a pistol build or different caliber could be interesting.

Again, without knowing more it’s hard to say. It took me a while to add a few revolvers to my collection, but I’m very glad I did. My S&W 686 is one of my favorite guns.

.22s are always cheap fun: I’ve built a 10/22 P90 clone, built a Kel-tec CP33 into a Star Wars blaster looking thing, and got a Henry .22 lever action, just so I can shoot without spending much on ammo. The Henry in particular is just a joy to shoot.

Surplus guns are good to get while available. I got a S&W 5906 recently that I love. I’m gonna get an M1 Garand this year I think.

Those are some broad thoughts, which is all I can offer without knowing more.


I’d buy a pistol or a PCC. The closest rifle range to me is almost an hour away and the next closest is 90 minutes. None of the indoor ranges near me allow rifles bigger than 22 WMR because of safety and insurance. They allow almost any handgun. I gotta shoot, so it’s pistols and my Sub2K. I’m looking at other PCC’s but haven’t decided what I want yet.

Of course, I do go to the rifle ranges, but I dislike slogging through snow and mud, so that’s mostly during warmer weather (yeah, I’m a wuss). I have a 22LR converter for my AR and the gun store is cool with it, so I keep in practice, but it’s not the best since the indoor range is only 25 yards and the recoil and ballistics of a 22LR just ain’t the same. I can’t shoot a rifle for very long because arthritis makes me too shaky after a while.

If you don’t already have an AR or other rifle, then I’d go with that. Like they say, a pistol is what you use until you can get to your rifle.


Well like what was stated before! That’s tough! If you are limited on fund as most of us are or at least like me! Lol! My pistols that I shoot alot are all 9mm mainly because of cost of ammo. I have the Sub2k in 9mm! Which is my PCC. But I’m in the process of building an AR my self and I’m going to make it a pistol! I’m 95% sure I’m going with a 8" 300acc! And the main reason is I dont really need to buy mags for it because I have a few 223 mags! There are couple of pistols out now that i really like but of course they are a little out of my price range!


Short AR’S are a blast to build and use, but a warning about building down around 16 &3/4 inches, that rabbit hole is very deep, but it damn sure is a enjoyable ride… in retrospect, the long tom 20" cost me 1/2 what one of the KAK’s cost to put together… :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:


@ ThreeLaws, Very good point. I have a Rem 870 tactical express thinking of selling or trade. It just sits in my gun locker and time to time I would shoot it while I’m out in the desert. Second SKS Norinco, Third CZ-P07 and SCCY cpx2. I had purchased and sold several pistols and a AR 15. Getting the bug to get another fire arm. Oh forgot, I have S2k I purchased about 3 months ago. Love it. Now I have to talk my wife into letting me get another gun.


The one you really want regardless of the entire cost, just keep putting money away till you have it !


Is this another one of those “you can only have one gun for the rest of your life” type hypothetical scenarios? If so, then I’d definitely get a pistol. I can’t CCW a rifle and I’d be far more likely to get attacked when out and about versus in my home. And, I can still carry a pistol at home much easier than a rifle, as well.


You can if you try hard enough


Like the others have stated it’s hard to say not knowing what you already have and what you want it for. That being said. I would lean towards a rifle. It will provide the best bang for your buck. I would go .223 for ammo cost and availability for a rifle round.

If your looking at a decent build or upper look a kerris arms with ballistics advantage barrels.

A good 16 inch Ar will provide for all your needs.

An ar pistol is nice but super loud. A 300 blackout would be my first choice but the ammo is still expensive. It does give you rifle capability out to about 300 yards and heavy hitting hand gun type ballitistics at shorter ranges and suppressed.

PCC is a great alternative but usually 100 yards is pressing its limits and it’s still not providing the punch a rifle round provides.

22lr. No brainer. I have set up decent little rifle and hand gun to give me fun and effective alternative now and when I am too old to handle heavier recoil weapons. Lol.so many choices and reasons to buy…


Anything’s a dildo if you’re brave enough, but that ain’t happening, either. :rofl:

And please tell me how exactly you’d conceal carry a long gun on your person, not in an external case, bag, etc. And do it where it would work on all occasions and not only when wearing something like a trench coat.


Well, I notice your collection has a gap where your 1911 belongs. Everybody needs a 1911.


If anyone here would notice this, my money would be on @Dred…but the point stands, regardless… :grinning:

@killingjoke Like many have said, it’s kind of up to what tickles you at the moment. I like my 1.5 AR’s but lately I seem to have caught the handgun bug…and I’m fine with it. :grinning:


Gives whole new meaning to the term “holster” as well as the phrase “ease of access”… :open_mouth: :flushed:


I just recently had the privilege of putting my hands on a CZ A01-LD and immediately said self . . . this is a must have. However, the price tag brought reality to the situation and it went back in the case. I did a bit of research and found one online for a much better price . . . but it’s still way more money than I have and/or care to spend at this point.


On the whole, I’d say an AR would be a good choice, for home defense or sport shooting, or for more political reasons.

That’s said, @Dred isn’t wrong, you gotta have a 1911. It’s just a classic.


If this is a question of only being able to have only 1 gun period. I would have to go shotgun. It can hunt, great self defense, shells are cheap enough and can be reloaded easy. It will cover short distance but also can reach out with slugs. So if i could only have 1 gun ever again a shotgun would be my pick.


I’m not convinced you could go wrong with any of the CZ handguns. My only mistake was not giving them enough consideration when I was choosing my first pistol…and I’ve since rectified that oversight. Though thanks to MD’s 1 in 30 mandate, it’s being held in limbo at my preferred LGS at the moment… :unamused:


The only issue I have with shotgun is the ammo is so bulky . Reloads slower than mag change. Otherwise I would agree


If I was in the survival mode headed for the hills or defense mode & could only carry/have 1 long gun it would have to be a shotgun also. Bird shot, buck shot & slugs from the same firearm is the reason because my area is heavily forested .