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If you are buying Ammo... Where?

Maybe this should be in random question thread but it dont make no sense to me why fmj rounds are lower priced everywhere then you take that same bullet drill a freaking hole in the top of it and now that bullet is worth double or triple.


Defensive hollowpoints are MUCH more than FMJ with holes. If you drill a 115gr FMJ, there won’t be 115 gr left. The bullets are longer to get the weight.

But more than that they are engineered to maximize expansion at the velocity they are loaded to achieve.

That said, plated hollowpoints (target hps) rarely cost more than plated FMJ 'cause they are just drilled to encourage stabilization.


Yes sir i know theres alot more to it then drilling a hole in top of bullet. I meant it as partially comical. I still dont think it justifies the price increase from “target” to “self defense” rounds. They want just say 20 bucks for 50 rounds target ammo and they want double for 20 rounds of self defense. Theres not that much difference between for such drastic price difference. Just my opinion im deffently not wanting to offend anyone here.


No offense taken. I’m a ballistics gel test junkie, so I disagree, but … I’m certain an FMJ has a pretty good chance of stopping a bad guy.

Posting to send you in search of 50 rd packs of SD ammo. I still haven’t given more than $35 for 50 SD rounds. My gotos are Federal HSTs, Speer Gold Dots and Winchester Ranger Ts. Yes, the 50 round packs are marked for LE, but I have been able to purchase them from several places.

The 20rd pack prices are insane.


Have you tried the Lehigh Extreme Defenders in gel? Curious what the results were. Everything I’ve seen online has been impressive. They generate some massive wound channels.


Recently found some at my neighborhood Ace Hardware. Not sure if they always carry it. Just noticed it yesterday.


I have not tested myself but I am waiting on a call to go break up the next Hog raiding party that shows every few weeks at my brother’s ranch.

So, I am 'bout to carry my 460 Rowland Mechtech out to PSC to sight in the Underwood loading on these projectiles.

I like velocity and I love that these seem to grow the wound with every increase in velocity. I see a lot of people overdriving 10mm projectiles. Hollow points work great in their spec velocity range but play birdshot games above that target. My inner geek makes disturbing faces regarding the Lehigh Engineered Solid’s performance chatacteristics.