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If you are buying Ammo... Where?

Prices coming back to normal… slowly but surely!



@ slowest Slug, In Stock, Shotgun Ammo, Ammunition - Natchez (natchezss.com)
Slugs @ .96 If anybody is looking.Looks like $1.30 ea incl shipping for 50 shells. Not incl tax


Living up to my screen name…only 6 boxes left…comes to almost $1.60 each

You didn’t clean them out again, didja?! :rofl::money_mouth_face:


Nope. I thought of you as soon as I saw it.I have enough for now.


Just Saw This !!


Sales Tax|$27.49

Total $485.61 Still almost triple pre-fakedemic prices. You’re supposed to get ammo can(s) too.

1000 rds @ $0.43 ea.



Thanks for that. They’re in my town. I’ll stop and peek sometime soon.

kicks can …
Still no 357 Sig. :frowning_face:


$.43 a round for Turkish ammo is still pretty expensive. Big Box stores sell it everyday in my area for $.34 a round for Winchester, Remington, Federal, Browning, CCI Blazer.


anyone come across .410 #4s and #6s yet? still seem to be out to lunch…


local shop allied arms here has 357 sig but he dont do online. he has 5 boxes. let me know i will drive down and price out…


I just placed an order with ammoplanet.com.

Plenty of Aquila mix and match. $25 off with $250 purchase. The coupon is with ammoseek.com on the DEALS banner. One time use…or was.?

If you sign up for the AP email newsletters, you will get a free shipping coupon…and other deals from time to time. :sunglasses:


The website is a little cranky but with patience it works.:face_with_monocle::boom::boom:


Thankfully, I have accumulated a small stash. Admittedly most is JHP and defensive stuff, but … still some FMJ to burn when I get the Silverback back.

Also happens that UPS has another die set I cobbled together piece style out for delivery today. I watched the USPS truck that claimed to deliver a Hornady set from Midway drive past my house without stopping on the day USPS claimed that delivery.

I bought off the USPS hand off this time 'cause this set cost me 4x more $$. Least I can put use to the 1k Starline’s I stole from CZ Custom. Sucks that I have more cases than I have primers but first world problems and such …


I was Academy again yesterday and they have a pretty good selection . Still limited to 2 boxes. I have no idea how fast they sell it . There were still 3 c ans of this 556 left after I purchased two.

I went ahead and played greedy again. :pleading_face: and picked up 2 more cams of Federal 55 grain 556. 400 rounds plastic bag in the nice metal ammo cans.

It’s the XM193ML1X
It was 289. a can plus tax total 571.57 out the door with the military discount.

Slowest ***If you’re still hurting for 556 and want one of these cans.

Cash $285.00 and will figure out how to meet up sometime.***
PM and will we can exchange phone numbers.

Larry :blush:


Just read online, Academy has raised their box limit to 4 boxes of ammo a person a day. Yeah right, just when I’ve convinced myself I have enough ammo they raise the box limit. The good news is I only live about a mile from Academy so it wasn’t too bad going 3-4 times a week. I just think about all those days I could have slept in instead of shopping for ammo.


Shopping cart | Ammunition Planet
.45 per round incl shipping.
Anybody use this 9mm before??
I have used their 45 Colt and it’s good in my 1873 Winchester rifle & pistol

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I wouldn’t pay $.45 a round for 9mm, thats too expensive. Besides I thought you said you had more 9mm then you’ll ever need.


I stopped the other day for the first time in a month or better. They had lots of rifle ammo. Just about all calibers and several different name brands. It was not cheap though. I looked at some 556 and iirc it was 70 cents or so. They had a few boxes of 45, had a fair bit of 22 had some 10mm but no 38 or 9mm.
My conclusion is 9mm is still a little tight around here. The good thing is they raised the box limit from 2 to 3 and they never really raised the price way up on pistol calibers. Raised it some, I think we got some a couple months ago for $20 or so with tax and pre the world went stupid, we were buying it on sale for 15 a box after taxes.
I think this probably makes sense with the pistol ammo, as all the new firearm owners are most likely pistol owners, so that would be the last ammo to start to catch up.


@kygman I don’t know what your problem is? I am forwarding info incase other brothers are looking.I am also asking questions to gain knowledge.
How about you just stop responding to my posts & I won’t have to deal with your inability to understand them.


anybody need 6.5 Grendel?

S&H + tax runs it to $1.30 a round to me. Dunno whether to jump on it or wait…

EDIT: well if ya snooze, ya lose… already gone

2nd EDIT: now they got more but it’s gone up by $30 WTH!?!?


Kosher Surplus. Great prices and quick shipping. Some good deals on more high end gear as well.
Farm and Fleet is another favorite of mine.


Amen @mgmargate . I replied to his post as well… my reply was flagged and deleted. (I actually flagged it because I had cognitive dissonance).

Same here… post what you see and let other people make a decision for themselves. I love to see who is gouging (like CTD) and who is just trying to be fair.