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IdentificationRem 700 Varmint .308 repair

I bought a 700 .308 varmint to build my sniper rifle! After shooting test after test round with no one hole groups, I finally realized that my crown had a burr in it! I cut it to a 24” Bbl and machined a recessed 11 degree crown and now its a super TACK DRIVER!!!


Picked up the same rifle for a song. Dropped it in and bedded a Carlson stock, verified free float on barrel, cut in and added a magpul magazine system with a muzzle brake. Pic is 5 rounds at 200 yds during a long range class. It’s all I need… for now.


I floated and bedded the stock before I ever fire the weapon the called Rem. And was told that.rifle needed upward barrel pressure. I told them they had lost their minds and hung up the phone!! As barrel heat rises if not free floated, you WILL suffer bullet rise! Mine shoots a ragged one hole group at 100 yds with handloads

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