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Idaho Black Bear

Well this may not be the place for this,but, this is the only forum I follow and there are guys here from all over so I thought Id give it a shot.
Looking for an outfitter for a spring bear hunt in Idaho. If you know a good outfitter that you have used or someone you know has used let me know. I find its best to get information from guys who have been there.


hi monty.

I live in southern Idaho. I dont bear hunt myself and I dont know anyone that guides other than one person who guides for big cats.

I did mention your request to a couple of my hunting buddies and asked them to pass it on anywhere they could. I dont expect a very good chance of being able to find what you wanting but I will do what I can. A person never knows what can happen unless someone tries.


Thanks Jeff I appreciate that. I knew someone on this forum would be from Idaho. Its a very active forum with really helpful members. Thanks again.

Monty Montgomery


hi Monty. I have some info. for you regarding your request about spring bear hunting. I will get it to you via PM.
In the mean time I thought you might like this. It takes place about 15 miles south of my house and on the very bluff where I saw my first mountain lion in the wild.
For this particular hunt, the guy I know is the one filming.

enjoy, Jeff


and then hop over here. new bear hunting for 2018 that i havent seen.


That was an awesome video.

Thanks for sending that.

Monty Montgomery


your welcome, my pleasure