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I'd just like to take a moment to say

I’m in E. Texas, gun culture seems low keyed here. Your out fit looks nice, and is genrally the way I dress. I don’t have a pair of jeans in my closet. I will wear a polo shirt, always something with a collar, never a t-shirt. Sometimes a small Stetson type hat or dress fedora. The few ball caps I have are either from my college or representing my military service, no gimmie types. I do some part time “contract” work in a business that I think prohibits firearms carry by their employees, so prefer to keep mine low key and hidden. Been doing that over ten years now with no problems. Technically I am not an employee so don’t have to follow all the rules.
We had the first mass church shooting about 80 miles north nearly 30 years ago, and I started carrying concealed then, and still do this day. I used to have to go in to the hospital where I worked late at night when on call, and always carried, even talked to a young police office who worked part time security. He later became police chief and agreed with my carry and this was before concealed carry was legal in the state. I have some retention type holsters for some of my larger guns, but feel better concealed carrying, that’s just me and my opinion.


@jkingrph It’s nice to have options… what ever is comfortable for a given situation. :+1:


Amen to that! September 1st…finally!


@DeckArtist Hey Kelly! Where you been hiding? Pop in more often brother!


This is so True!
Sad how some people just don’t get it!
Oh wait…isn’t that a sign of insanity when you keep doing things the same way and expect change to happen!


Too many people have no clue of open carry. I carried open on duty as required but off duty, very careful not to carry open except for hunting or fishing.

Such things as situation awareness and covering open carry weapon while covering and protecting weapon with elbow are just a few not seen often.

Another of many problems is folks while carrying is they are not practiced with their weapon.


How about this? Born on a Texas military base, lived most of my early life in Texas, then at military bases in New Mexico and Alabama. First rifle at 8, first side arm at 12. Served in the US Army, Qualified Expert at 17 in 1969 at Fort Bragg, NC. Moved to Alabama where firearms are expected and not at all unusual, most own them and many carry them openly in public.
Sometimes I do, more often I don’t, carry openly. Regardless of my manner of carry I do it respectfully and not defiantly, I try not to attract attention or create a self proclaimed badass presence. I try to represent all firearms owners as something other than poorly managed personality disorder seeking an outlet.


I understand your opinions and choices but IMHO there is no way to open carry and not attract attention or be noticed. We live in dangerous times with countless psychos/anti 2A hos walking amongst us and I personally think open carry nowadays is not a very good idea.


As a grad of Severn Tech, The Boat School, Canoe U, USN Trade School, etc, I’ll never, ever set foot in the commie/socialist state of MD again. And, I haven’t since graduation. I didn’t go to my 20 year or 25 year reunion and I won’t be attending my 30th, either. Besides, USNA is so damned woke these days that it’s completely lost and I hope they close it. Turn it into a national park/museum, charge admission, and actually make some money off the place instead of being the most difficult and expensive way to mint a new O-1 with the WORST return on investment getting that new officer to actually stay in for 20 until retirement. I sure as hell didn’t, not even close. I finished up my flight school commitment +1 extra set of orders and C-ya!


Reads like you have a grudge decades old and somehow missed out on the posts starter and continuing topic, Texas and carry issues. If you haven’t been there, to MD, in over 20 years maybe it’s time to put it behind you.