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I was looking for a diversion

Just spent my birthday money (to myself) on a brand new Pak-9 (AK47) Looked like a fun toy, maybe not as much as my K2000’s but just dropped a few hundred on the pistol expecting to take it out of the box, load it up and blow off a few dozen rounds of my reloads. WRONG… I couldn’t even get the safety off… had to pry it with a screwdriver. SO, I sprang for the “Krebs Custom Safety”. Cute… still have to use a screw driver to get it to lift off the frame enough to fire the gun. Now, I have several deep scratches in the finish of my unfired Pack-9 due to a safety which will not clear the frame to off. I am somewhat reluctant to pull the safety out of the gun and use a hammer to bend it enough to operate but on the other hand I am pissed enough to use a hammer on it then send the results back to Charles Daly. I now have an unfired Pak-9 with the most abysmal fit and finish I have seen on any gun since I got a piece of equal crap from Springfield, about 5 years ago. I am running out of emery cloth and jewelry polish … but have a new gun that looks like it was carried through the Gobi Desert in a Camel’s holster for 6 months but never fired.
Is this the price we all have to pay for the demand we have helped create for firearms? The manufacturers seem to be sending out cosmetically pretty guns, that just don’t work. Instead of whining about shortages and taxi drivers who are not smart enough to keep their mouth’s shut and Chinese Carry Outs that don’t even understand the signs they put in their windows… it seems to me our complaints should be about the people making the the stuff we are spending hundreds… even thousands on… If my new Whirlpool dryer doesn’t work, they hustle somebody out to get it going… Cadillac and Honda make it right. Jeez… the gun people are reaping the rewards of a massive change in society… but are busily screwing us behind the scenes AFTER we answer their sales pitch. You know, this happened before in some of our lifetimes… The Japanese overwhelmed America with sub-standard cars in the 1980’s… We drove them until they broke… sometimes a block from the dealerships. But that changed when we stopped buying recycled aluminum hoods and fenders and went to quality products. I am not sure that I am willing to wait until quality returns… (or at my age will be able to wait) I am simply offering a warning: A lot of us remember how we punished American manufacturers back in the 1960’s… Lots of names no longer exist. IT CAN HAPPEN AGAIN. It is no accident that I have 7 or 8 Glocks… one Springfield, one S & W Sigma, and 3 K2000’s… OH and a 2002 Dodge Pickup and 2012 Jeep… (the last year it was trouble-free).


@ wise1 sorry your having issues with your new equipment. Nothing is more disappointing than to get something brand new and have issues right out of the box. I agree with you about the " pretty" part. It seems that manufacturers have forgotten about quality while trying to make it appealing. I have worked in the new car dealership feild as a technician all my life so I understand exactly what you speak of. Those heated and cooled leather seats are awesome while you are taking to the tow truck on your Bluetooth. :rofl: