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I received my tritium sights for my CZ 75 PCR yesterday

I ordered these a few days ago and received them yesterday. Hopefully I’ll have time to install them tomorrow. I was never enamored with the stock sights on this pistol.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to get some range time this coming weekend and try them out.

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Congratulations. You’ll love them!

I installed the “trijicon night sights” on my Glock26 Gen4 last year. I bought the Glock rear sight pusher to do the job…added another $100.
Removing the factory rear sight was easy with the pusher but I thought I was going to break the new rear sight pushing it in.

Is your rear sight dovetailed?

As easy as it is to change the front sight I’m thinking of switching to orange …or red. Three glows of the same color isn’t as easy to hold in my opinion.

It sure makes a nice friendly glow next to my bed every night!



Yes, the rear sight is dovetailed, held in place with a set screw which I’m sure is held in with blue loctite. A dab of heat applied with a hot soldering iron tip should loosen things up. According to what I’ve read, these are not hard to swap out but…if I decide they aren’t coming out as easily as I was hoping, I’ll buy a sight pusher. I have several other pistols I want to swap out the sights on eventually so it will pay for itself in short order.


Enjoy the sights @Timbo, and the CZ 75. Haven’t met a CZ that I don’t like! :grin:

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Well, I tried to remove the rear sight by drifting it out with the punch they sent (aluminum with a nylon tip)…no go. I even tried it with a brass punch…still no go. Yep, I removed the set screw :wink:

I just ordered a sight pusher which I should’ve done from the get go. I don’t want to frig up my baby.


How about sending some pics of your setup now? Would love to see it. Don’t blame you for not wanting to ding anything up beating on your gun. Which brand sight pusher did you order?

I found some sights today that do have different tritium colors in the front verses the back…so I ordered them.


Sure…I probably won’t get to it until Sunday. I bought an Amazon “wonder”…it has decent reviews and because I only plan on using this several times, I didn’t want to break the bank buying a more expensive pusher tool (and those are certainly out there). A friend of mine used one like this and said it actually worked very well…we shall see.



@Timbo… I meant a pic of your CZ. So I looked at a Hicock45 YouTube on a CZ…very nice looking and shooting pistol.
Hope the pusher does just what you need. Good luck.

Looks like a good one:


Oh OK :smile:

I’m heading out to go to a post Christmas get together with my family…I’ll post a few before and after pix here tomorrow once I get to play with it. It appears pretty well made for the money.

Hickok45 does a great job with that video. I wish I could shoot like him :neutral_face:

He is a Glock fan boy but he didn’t have anything bad to say about this CZ. How could he??? :sunglasses:

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