I probably ought to be ashamed

…but I ain’t!

I’m presently “hunting” on the back deck again during a near torrential rain from what’s left of Nicole(?) and this is my current set up:


You should be ashamed! Is that cream in your coffee?! Blasphemy!


Yeah, I’m a wuss. Needs something to cut the taste. It ain’t as bad as Starbucks but it’s plenty stout. It’s fresh ground Eight O’clock Colombian mixed 3:1 with Cafe Bustelo Expresso. Mighty good stuff!


Well, the bambis ain’t wanting to cooperate today so I’m about to call it. Saw a nice buck coming out of pasture across from the house last night as I was coming home so I had hopes he would make another appearance this morning. Nothing stirring but noisy crows so I’m thinking it’s about nap time. Sitting in this rocking chair for several hours sure does take a lot out of you… :sunglasses: :rofl:
I might give it another try this afternoon…


Looks a little nicer than the hunting camp I spent last weekend in. Little cabin is older than I am but has running water, A/C and heat. I brought my satellite TV set up so all in all, not too bad. Saw some deer but didn’t pull the trigger on any of them. Also had a bunch of young turkeys all but climb in the stand with me.


No reason to be at all!
You made a real estate location decision that was Hunting Genius.
I wish I had a porch like that!


Now if it would only pay off! Looks like the rut is finally starting here and the nighttime temps will be in the 20s for most of the week. I might well have to drag out the ol’ mummy bag to endure the morning temps in my ‘hunting shack…’ :rofl:


You could allways run you a piece of flex vent from your unit in the porch roof so it blow right down on you. Id hate for you be cold while your searching the webs and refilling your coffee cup waiting on the deer :joy: :+1:


For GREAT coffee try PEET’S Major Dickenson’s Blend (they have both leaded and unleaded).
Truly the best I’ve tasted though a bit pricey but no more than BigBucks Coffee.
Eric B.


Dealing with Pop and his myriad health problems and his death kept me off the back porch for most of the rest of the season. It ended Jan.1st and care to guess what was standing just on the other side of the road in front of the house that very night? Three nice bucks. None were wall hangers but still… my ‘lucky streak’ continues on unabated…


We add Pete’s to the Eight O’clock which is a good everyday without going broke as well. Started drinking coffee on the 12-7 shift on the radar aboard ship. The blip going around was quite hypnotizing on those quiet nights. But going to bed at 7am when the whole ship was waking took somethin’ else.