M*CARBO Brotherhood

I might be out of pocket for a couple of days


Glad your back Buck! :grin::+1:


@Johnksg fightin the good fight bee it well or poorly brother, only way i know. sent me home with a PICC line, and 6weeks worth of antibiotics ,to kill the bug they introduced.

drive home was special. LOLOL sok though, push thru it. going out in a while to loose some 45/70 ammo, see how it does.


@GOBLIN keep on truckin brother! Not feeling so well myself but getting a bit better. Went and ran my PCC drills and broke 3 seconds for 1st time ever! :grin::+1:


good on ya brudda, guess what, im on my way back down, stitches held just long enough to get settled in. leakin SPF once again. waitin till the nurse gets here at 8, for her to verify, sealed up tight till girlchild gets off to school…she can be mad at me later…


nurse just got here and left. im on my way back down. spinal fluid leak. again still. what tha F***
they got a call from the nurse to expect me. time for them to suck it up.

cause hell is comin…B/C


@GOBLIN get well brother! :grin::+1:



Good luck and hope you get all fixed up soon!


Im patched, and runnin 3rd day wired, WAO or Wide Assed Open in laymens terms. they managed to patch it, but got me in a uproar to do it. got my required escort out…
happy 06:00 everybody. canna stop this demented energizer bunny…

still outta likes johnB, but thanx…:+1:


sounds like your gettin through it ,good luck and hope your back to your best soon :+1: