M*CARBO Brotherhood

I might be out of pocket for a couple of days


time to play with the VA again. old injuries caught up,couple that with a “oh crap” moment or 4 by the repairing hospital. all depends if i get admitted, and kick start my laptop into working.
Just another day in paradise my friends.


@GOBLIN Hope everything turns out ok


Pray for you Brother. Hope the prognosis is good…:+1:


@GOBLIN Get well brother.:mask:


Well wishes and good vibes for you brother… Get well soon!


God Speed on the Diagnosis and the Attending Doc’s Have it all Together For You.


God bless brother, hope you get good news man. I’ll be praying for you.:pray:


hope everything goes well… i live near one of the big VA hospitals and personally know one of the geriatric docs - he’s a good dude, but can’t speak for treatment there

i have a grandfathered-in Tricare Prime PCM 5 mins from home, and can get most of my treatment and referrals in a convenient manner, despite the #%@#! insipid mandates by MacDill AFB’s CO to drive all the way across the #$@! Howard Frankenstein bridge through horrendous traffic to see a dietician for a simple nutritional class

(i gave a single-digit salute to that notion and paid out of pocket for what was probably better treatment and information much closer to home)

on the Gulf of Mexico


Get well quickly! :+1:


back home out of the cage, last of My MCARBO parts hit the mailbox while i was gone, time to tear down the sub,a few new stitches, but all in all good. got a new cutter, this one is giving it her best shot… thanx my friends.


@GOBLIN Glad to hear it brother. Also glad to hear you got some new goodies to install to keep your mind busy.


Glad to hear you’re back @GOBLIN​:+1: Just the thought of never seeing your hands holding a fine weapon again gave me great sadness :cry:


@GOBLIN Glad everything worked out OK. Welcome back Brother


good luck brother may all the saints in heaven be looking down on you for years to come @GOBLIN


Glad to hear you’re out of the horsepitable-that ain’t no place to be!



Best of luck to you. Hope you get everything you need.

And especially, hope you can recover from the problems from your old injuries.

For while you are out, you will be missed!

Just finished reading all the posts - glad you are back already.


LOLOL already bounced back “in” had a spinal fluid leak… maybe out tomorrow maybe thursday soon as i can slide out tha door at any rate. right wrong or indifferent, i cant stay in a cage long… used to healin up on the rough side,



You’ll get’r done, my friend…Keep pluggin’ away! Best wishes.


you might like this one too :smiley:



Now you will have to send me a tee-shirt allowance… Lol.