M*CARBO Brotherhood

I love the M*CARBO Forum. Thank you

I just want to take a second to thank everyone that runs and participates in this forum. I have been a part of the brotherhood for a month now. I am active in another site I will not name, but some members on that site have resorted to calling a member anti 2A for simply discussing the Glock site that allows you to keep your information on their site. I have even had attacks from members of this unnamed forum for stating a fact that I had to return a SIg handgun because of defects. It is like I committed treason because I spoke ill of the holy Sig brand. I love my Sigs and their service department, but I just pointed out a quality issue I experienced.

Everyone here has been supportive and helpful without being demeaning, and I love that about this forum! I have to say, it has been a privilege being a part of the best forum online.



Amen brother! Feel the same way.


This is an awesome Forum for sure! Myself and Im sure many others can say they have experienced some version of what you’re describing.
I highly doubt you would ever have to deal with anything like that around here.


You are not alone @em44052. After lurking here for a number of months after joining to “test the waters” so to speak, I posted something similar here. Just felt like it needed to be said as this place is definitely different. The MCARBO forum sets the bar high in my opinion and everyone contributing here would seem to like keeping it that way.


@chilipepper @louie088 @em44052 @Festus Well Said Guy’s :+1:
Point of the matter is that’ We Old & Grey Farts/Vets and Our Great Monitors Will have Flag The Negative Comment and 86 their butts before the Ink Drys.:grin:


@DivaMarie Long live the silver backs!


@Festus THEY MAYBE SNOW ON THE MOUNTAIN…but they is still a hot fire in tha furnace …Know what i mean???:wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::smiling_imp:


This is one of the things that keeps me on this site. I’m not a expert on guns but I do have my opinions. I don’t like being flamed if I’m wrong. I just want to be corrected. Keep up the good work. I’m a old grey fart myself


I suspect for those people, it’s more about attempting to elevate themselves by lowering others and the feeling they’re one up on you because “I already knew this and if you don’t maybe you shouldn’t be doing this”.

Bottom line is, we learn what we know now mostly from someone else at some point in our lives (save those few painful “learning the hard way” moments), which is why I’ve never understood the condescending mentality. It’s not like they had the knowledge in them when the popped from mamma’s womb, FFS…

Months on, it’s why I still come back here and still haven’t joined another forum. Adults treating each other as adults and sharing/helping each other with common interests, almost like it’s the intended purpose of the internet forum. :grinning:


I’ve dealt with stuff like that on the Facebook Glock group. I can’t remember the actual name of the group. But what a bunch of jack wagons. Everyone thinks they are a Navy Seal on that page. And heavens forbid you might not agree with them…

I’m with Diva. Flag em and get em out of here.


@NRA4ever @Jperr As ‘‘Lou Tice’’ Once Said’ We are all smart’ But not as smart’ As All of Us Together’ :smile:


@DivaMarie I hope that the day never comes, that i dont learn something new Tony!.:+1:



Very well said​:v::v::v::v:

That’s why we are a Brotherhood.


@Captainjack88 Thank’s We are That! :+1: I spent way too much time on the F.B. Site before I Knew this Brotherhood was even around, and we are talking years now!:grin:
At 70+ I don’t need Someone Busting my B****S over a Typo’ or Miss Spelled word, Then the Rest of the Attitudes, I Left’:rofl:


Too many keyboard commandos who put down others while hiding behind their monitor. I may not like a certain gun but who am I to stop you from liking it?

On a 1911 forum I peruse there was a comment that while at the range some plastic wonder kids asked why he was shooting that jam-o-matic. My comment was what if he decided it was cap and ball day at the range? You shoot what makes you happy at the range. If you have to carry for work then it’s a different ball game.