I like the Magguts springs I installed on my P365 12-rnd mags!

Looking at the springs in the promotional images, they seemed like a good idea. Then I asked for one for Christmas. I installed it when it arrived. It was an easy install, and, sure enough, 14 rounds fit! So, I bought two more for my other mags. Though the new baseplate has a bit of a bulge compared with stock, it’s negligible. So, with one in the tube my P 365 holds 15. And carrying two extra mags, I’m carrying 43 rounds. Noticeably, a bit heavier, but I’m happy!


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My Sig P 365 is my first gun, and its mags are stiff! So I’ve always used a mag loader to load them. But the MagGuts springs not only allow 14 rounds to be loaded, they compress more easily, so that I could put that 14th round in by hand today when I had left my loader somewhere else!



Swapping out the springs, interesting.
Where did you research the difference? How did you find out?

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I heard about them initially on a P 365 forum. When I saw a picture of the MagGuts spring, I understood how it would take up less space than the stock spring when fully compressed.

Like MCarbo’s CNC flat trigger being more expensive than the stock P 365’s MIM (Metal Injection Molding) trigger, Sig had to compromise a bit to keep costs and production times down. The stock gun is still good. But I don’t mind spending more to make mine that much better.

This is my gun in its recluseholster.com pocket holster. That’s the stock 12-round mag base, and you can see the slight bulge of the MagGuts insert piece at the bottom, which still fits inside the holster’s horsehide leather side. You’ll also notice that I trimmed the holster’s foam trigger plug to accommodate the flat trigger. But it still completely traps the trigger from moving when the gun is in place in the holster. I ordered the manual safety which I keep on, as I keep a round in the tube. So my gun now holds 15 rounds when holstered in the space of a stock 12-round mag!


Thanks! I sense a good vibe here! I haven’t had a place to communicate with my brothers in arms before now—AND about arms! :wink:


Just did the 3 mag swap out. How many mag dumps have you done ?

I concur ! The first swap went slow until I saw the proper way to get every oriented. Then I questioned how well the follower would work :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: The second 1 was about 3 minutes then, I got something wrong on the 3rd. All worked out, I hope !
You can feel that 2 extra NO DOUBT.

It might be nice to have a 15+2 as a stocking stuffer. If all you lose is 1/8"/or less in the “spares” pouch That would be awesome !!! GOD BLESS capacity :innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

My truck is now protected by 42+45 loaded and 150 in reserve.
An EMT card w/ first aid pouch with Isopropyl/compresses/COBAN. And some other things to help with pain.

This is my new Recluseholster.com holster. As much as I’ve liked the one-sided version, I realized that in this hot Florida climate that I was sweating through my pocket lining onto my gun. So, I ordered this two-sided version in order to protect the weapon. This version also protects the pocket lining from the abrasion of the gun!


Since I received my two-sided recluseholster.com pocket holster for my Sig P 365, I find I prefer it to the one-sided version I started out with. Its quality horsehide construction makes it an impressive (and comfortable) “package” with which I equip myself daily. It, along with its companion 2-mag horsehide leather pouch, both fit nicely into the two main pockets of my 511tactical.com Ridge cargo pants, and they don’t “print.” I truthfully don’t notice anymore their combined additional weight or bulk.

When I first started shooting it at the range, I found its snappy recoil a bit off-putting. But recently I’ve been just taking it in stride and actually rather enjoying it!

On my last visit to the range, I got an interesting tip from a trainer who works there. He told me to use my laser to concentrate on keeping the dot as steady as possible on the target while steadily and smoothly squeezing the trigger.

Simple! So that’s what I’ll be doing for the foreseeable future!