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I Just Purchased A Full Auto! Crosman DPMS SBR (airgun)

$179.99 less 11% discount (RUDOLPH-11) and free shipping + sales tax(?) All totaled I paid $185 with 5000 bb’s (requires steel)

Midway has them for $149.99 right now but are on backorder

Very similar to the AR platform - should be a real hoot to shoot! :smiley: :+1:


OMG … full auto I could afford to shoot. But I’ma resist 'cause I can.


@TriggerHappy On Ebay for $158.44 free shipping, in stock and seller has good feedback. I have purchased from the seller before with no issues. Looks very cool and videos on it are awesome.


I bought mine from Pyramid Air because wanted to go with a more mainstream retailer on this as I had read some “marginal” reviews on the speed loader that is provided with it and sure enough the one I got is problematic. Otherwise this thing is a whole lotta backyard plinkin’ fun!! Only 25 rds capacity and they go quick and it is a bit tedious to load. I use a Beeman speed loader and it’s not too bad…


i would love to get a bullpup but here it would be the need for another licance 80 euro for three years plus i would prob be waiting min 3months for that to come through ,i should move to america but im caught there im too old they would’nt let me stay @TriggerHappy