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I just can't seem to pull the trigger

I’ve got one of the Sub2000 SS bushings in my cart. It’s been there for a while. Can’t decide if I want to spend the money to replace a part that so far hasn’t caused me issues on a firearm I haven’t fired in over a year and probably won’t shoot much in the next year either or not. I also have a new trigger for the PC Carbine in the cart as well. I like the idea of a metal trigger vs a plastic one. That’s why I put a metal one in the Sub2000 back when I trusted and liked it more. But I’ve never been a fan of the flat triggers. I’ve got the PC Carbine extended mag release in the cart too, for just in case I decide to actually buy one of the other items.

I know upgrades aren’t always about what the gun “Needs” or what we “Need”. It’s about wants and desires to be different, if not better.

Maybe I’m getting to be a cheap old bastage in my advancing years, but not only can’t I talk myself into buying these parts, I can’t even seem to find a new gun that makes me want to spend money on buying it. Well, there is one, but I’m not dropping $5k on a custom built 1911.


@Popeye Buy more ammo, shoot what ya got. Like my ol’ granddaddy used to say “If it aint broke…”


Yeah, after awhile we do tend to like one firearm over another. Thinking that you have to buy a part for a gun that doesn’t ring your bell can put a stumbling block on the road to “upgrade” the “red headed step-child” fire arm. Me, I thoroughly enjoy shooting the S2K and the upgrades have brought it to a point I now use it as a serious PDW. Since you don’t feel that way about your S2K take it to your favorite gun shop and trade it in on something you do like or like @Festus said, “buy more ammo” and shoot the fire arms you do like.