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I Fixed My Time Machine!


Carl Gustav M45…correct!


field expedient modifications…


@GOBLIN gonna call it a night Buck. Looking forward to what your gonna try and stump me with in the morning. :grin::+1:


I will dig up somethin all special like!


@GOBLIN how come I am the one doing ALL the guessing? :flushed:


Yes sure am’ I got to shoot the 12 gauge on my first Bird hunt’ Many Many Eon’s ago.
Sorry part is they were supposed to be handed down to the boy’s. They were Given to my Grandfather’ for His Service with Firestone Tire and the Early Racers at the Indy 500.Pre’war WW 2.


@Wedge @Johnksg Did you REALLY just call the Vaunted Mauser C96 a Broomhandle?! :joy:


Havin’ a time machine and all, I would hate to waste a chance at a nice ww2 machine gun.
I was thinking like a Browning 1919 .30 cal maybe. But I would want to make the best choice possible, so that brought up the support and operation hardware options that goes with one. Mount/platform, extra barrels, ammo transport, etc.
Then that led to, do i keep it simple?

or do I go for something I always had a fondness for, but a bit more specialized?


@Johnksg Way to go, John. Now I don’t know what I want.:thinking::thinking::thinking:


if yer after a 50, go for a quad…


@GOBLIN LOL thought of that too. So many choices. hahaha…

I was always intrigued with the African campaign. That why I like the British SAS Jeeps in the 2nd pic with the twin Vickers.


Number 3, 4 and 5 on the list please!!! And a couple thousand rounds of each too!!!


It’s been called that forever.


Wow I am sorry to hear that. What many folks don’t realize is how much value the provenance and history adds to the value of a weapon. I keep written records of weapons like that especially ones with unusual stories.

I deal all the time with weapons that get passed down but the stories that made them special are forgotten. Often times they end up in pawnshops sold for lowest $$. :cry:


@jeffing65 I wouldn’t turn my nose up at that .303 Lewis gun in your picture! :grin::+1:



Boy I wouldn’t either.:grinning:


@Wedge I know this. But don’t say that to @Johnksg. :rofl:


@jeffing65 Gosh speaking of .303 and guns I wish I had bought a bunch of…

Remember when you could walk into any gun shop and there was a rack of these for under $100?


No you can call it that, but just not a “weird broom handle thing!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just to make sure you do know I am just teasing you right Joseph? (I only do it to folks I like)



[quote=“Johnksg, post:177, topic:4574”]

[quote=“Johnksg, post:177, topic:4574”]
Gosh speaking of .303 and guns I wish I had bought a bunch of. Remember when you could walk into any gun shop and there was a rack of these for under $100?

Yeah, they were everywhere, weren’t they.


@jeffing65 and I just passed them by when I wish now that I had bought them by the crate! Enfields, M1 carbines, SKS, Brazilian Mausers, M48s…they were everywhere until one day they simply weren’t.

Back then I was on the hunt for other stuff and it just never occurred to me those guns wouldn’t be around or always cheap!