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I Fixed My Time Machine!


@Johnksg Yes it is.:+1:


1874 SHARPS with a pewter tip hartford collar. one i quiggly down under, was a 45/120
I liked the 45/110 you could always trim a 120 case down, if you couldnt find 110’s

only reason i like the lyman #2 VT sight better, 2 discks with the lyman, most repop creedmores are more expensive, as is a Ferguson, with 1 fixed disc…
John, this fell out from the skids of yer time machine when ya landed. from a revolutionary period… :smiling_imp:


Yea. I said Sharps. Just didn’t know which model. :smiley:


@GOBLIN I went and downloaded that eye candy just for you. I have shot my brother’s .45-70 givernment and I consider that to be a MAN’S gun…so what does that make the .44-120? Lol


Yep you were right. I got happy fingers and screwed up my own game. LOL


@Johnksg express train John, rollin coal!:+1: and im outta likes again, too!


@Johnksg no worries. It’s a great game. Thanx for the entertainment tonight.


@GOBLIN gonna admit you got me on just about anything made prior to 1880. I can’t tell tne difference between an Enfield from a Springfield.

I am gonna make a WAG…brown bess?


that aint either. its a British Ferguson…


Maj. Ferguson of the ranger/sniper fame?


Battle of brandywine creek, 1777. Capt Patrick Ferguson Ferguson rifle was accurate to 300/400 meters the rifle could put 15 balls in the target at 200M in 5 minutes…


Try this one. japanese-garand-wwii-preview

Hint : not USA made.


@GOBLIN same Maj. Ferguson who was killed at the battle of Kings Mountain. :grin::+1:


@Jperr pretty sure that is either a Japanese type 4 or a type 5 (they get called both)

Am I right? :grin:


7.7X58 Jap copy of a M1 Garand, type 4/5


@Johnksg Awesome job. Reverse engineered from a M1 garand. Chambered in 7.7 to match the Arisaka. But the magazine was able to be topped off.


most of those were prototypes…


@Jperr to be honest I know nothing about that rifle other than it had problems and never entered service.

But I did remember it was Japanese who tried to copy the M1 Garand. :grin:

Okay its @GOBLIN turn and no muskets and absolutely no tacticool muzzle breachers!


dang it, and i just painted a hole-saw black to mount on a 22…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Buck…don’t you dare!