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I Fixed My Time Machine!


@GOBLIN One question - did this weapon fire caseless ammunition? :grin::+1:


correct John, !..


@GOBLIN I know what it is! But not gonna ruin it for others. That weapon kicked around for nearly 30 years and never got past the testing stage. (Bad timing mostly because the Berlin wall came down.)

Yeah I would need to bring back the ammo as well for that one since you will never find it on store shelves! :grin::+1:


@goblin I cheated and looked it up haha


@Kona okay I gotta know how do you do that? @Wedge said something about an image search?


Never mind I just looked it up - I don’t have Google, just something called Bing so I guess I can’t do that? :cry:


@Johnksg Bing and Google are the same thing. Search engines. I just googled “caseless weapons” based on your tip and it came up in the images.


@Kona my wife is laughing at me…says I know all of these obscure firearms facts but my 7 year old has more computer ability than me! LOL


@Johnksg think the dates were from 1967 to 1989 when they were trying to design/submit it for consideration, finally went into production in 1990, but only 1000 were actually made… truly a odd duck…


I use Chrome as my browser, so all I have to do is right click on a picture and one of the options is “Search Google for images”. Hit that and it will give you matches if it can find any. :+1:


Now that is cheating…and also the reason why individual knowledge is becoming less valuable. :cry:

I just figured out how to do that on my tablet as well. :astonished:


But, it’s also a quick and effective way for an individual to increase their own knowledge. :+1:


I have a 6" polished stainless king cobra with box and papers that I bought 11 years ago while working part-time at a gun shop in Orlando as a trade-in; I paid just over what you sold yours for…:sunglasses:


@GOBLIN did anyone ever identify the weapon yet? Now that I know about this image search thing the game just doesn’t seem as fun. :disappointed:


no. not yet brother, been waiting…:sunglasses:




H&K G11


@GOBLIN @dave67 we have a winner! :grin::+1:


wait jus one min, harder now, which generation of prototype shown???:+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


@GOBLIN you know I was just reading about the development history of the G11. I had no idea they had so many prototype versions! I believe from the optic yours would be about P13?


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. nope K2 they played with that bad boy a long time.
I always wondered how fragile and susceptible to moisture the ammo was.

Hendsoldt AG developed the LP scope for it, as iron sights had issues. I liked the lil bayonet on the later pre production models…HK_G11_with_bayonet